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ellen bloom

Have parked in this lot several times... On one of my last visits, I used valet parking, to be picked up at the airport. After arriving home late at night, didn't notice the dent on the side of my car until the next morning. To make the story short, after several communications, we came to terms that satisfied the situation. I appreciated the integrity of the owners to do right. I am getting ready to travel again very soon and will make my reservations again with Newark Airport Long Term Parking.

Mark Reyes

Great service. first timer. After researching about different long term parking spots, I decided on Newark Long Term. I was impressed with the service after using it for the first time. The shuttle drivers were very polite and helped us with our bags to and from the airport. Upon arrival, after following the directions on the ticket on how to get picked up, the car was ready and running, and my wife and I were out of the parking lot in less than 10 minutes. I think this is my go-to whenever we fly out of Newark. Thank you!

Jess P

I made the reservation online which was quick and very convenient. The lot was fairly easy to find using GPS. We chose to do the self park and keep our keys, our flight was early in the morning so finding a parking spot was no problem. Their free shuttle service picked us up just minutes after getting out of the car and the ride to the airport was just a few minutes. Arriving home was still extremely convenient, we got our baggage and followed the instructions on the card we were given. By the time we arrived at the pick up spot, a shuttle driver was already waiting. He dropped us off at our car and paying was quick and easy! All in all we would highly recommend this place to our family and friends and we will definitely use again when traveling out of Newark Airport.

Amanda rapoli

Im so glad I found this place. The staff was friendly. They got us to the airport quickly. And coming home was just the same. I'll definitely use them again.

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Our most recent review, by Jennifer C.

Highly recommend! So easy and convenient! No worries at all!This was the easiest long term parking that I have ever used. When I got to the lot everything... read on yelp