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On the first day of October in 1928, Newark Liberty International Airport began operations. Originally known as Newark Metropolitan Airport, it was the only airport available to serve travelers flying in and out of New York City for eleven years until LaGuardia Airport was constructed in 1939. In 1934, Newark Airport’s first terminal, the Art Deco Administration Building, was added on. Operations continued until the start of World War II when the United States Army took control of Newark Airport for logistics operations. In 1946, the airport reopened and has been operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey ever since. As construction continued and the airport was expanded, it was renamed Newark International Airport.

Located near the New York and Philadelphia Metropolitan areas, Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States, with most of its passengers traveling via United Airlines. On September 11th, 2001, the tragic hijacking and crash of United Airlines Flight 93 led to the airport’s renaming, and it is now officially known as Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). Each year, Newark Airport sees over 30 million passengers, and it serves as United Airline’s third-largest hub. Newark Airport works in conjunction with La Guardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport to serve travelers in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Newark Airport Terminals

Newark Liberty International Airport’s three terminals are arranged in a semi-circle. Terminals A, B, and C serve domestic, international, and United Airlines passengers respectively, with each terminal offering its own unique selection of shopping, dining, and amenities. Lounges are also available in each of the terminals for passengers who want to escape the loud, busy nature of the airport in exchange for a nap, hot shower, and a light meal or drink. Newark Airport’s Terminal C is well-known as one of the best places to eat and shop on the East Coast, so travelers flying out of this terminal may want to arrive early so they have time to enjoy it before departure.

Newark Liberty International Airport Terminals
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EWR Terminal A

Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal A is used for regional and domestic flights. Concourses A1, A2, and A3 make up EWR’s oldest terminal, and multiple security checkpoints are in place between the concourses. Travelers flying out of Terminal A will have access to restaurants, stores, kiosks, lounges, and other amenities they can enjoy while they await departure. Wi-Fi and charging stations are available throughout the terminal to help Newark Liberty International Airport travelers stay connected.

EWR Terminal B

Newark Airport’s Terminal B is separated into three concourses. This terminal serves international flights, and travelers may move between the concourses without reentering security. Terminal B passengers will find an excellent selection of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and amenities available for them. Lounges, nursing suites, currency exchange centers, and shoeshine services are available to accommodate the needs of travelers in Terminal B.

EWR Terminal C

Terminal C at Newark Airport is owned by United Airlines and is divided into concourses B1, B2, and B3. Domestic and international flights operate from Terminal C, and passengers can travel throughout the concourses without going through security each time. Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal C is renowned as an excellent shopping and dining hub, and passengers are spoiled with choices of places to eat, drink, and shop while they wait for their flights. Helpful amenities and lounges are available for travelers to use at their leisure in Terminal C.

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Newark Liberty International Airport Airlines

Newark Liberty International Airport offers domestic and international flights on over thirty airlines. Millions of travelers fly from EWR each year, and United Airlines makes up a significant portion of Newark Airport flights. The most popular routes taken by EWR travelers are Tel Aviv, London, Toronto, Fort Lauderdale, and San Francisco. The following airlines operate out of Newark Liberty International Airport:

Newark Liberty International Airport Lounges

Each terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport offers several lounges where passengers can rest, enjoy light refreshments, grab a drink, work, and shower. The Newark Airport lounges offer relaxing spaces for passengers to destress, grab a bite to eat, or catch up on work while they wait for their flights. The lounge areas are popular among passengers with long layovers at Newark Liberty International Airport, and they offer quiet, comfortable spaces for passengers to retreat to while they wait. Access to some EWR lounges can be purchased at the door, but some require a first-class reservation or membership to enter.

Newark Liberty International Airport Lounge
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EWR Polaris Lounge

Located in Terminal C, the United Airlines Polaris Lounge was designed to help business passengers stay connected to their work. Power outlets and USB ports are readily available for all passengers in the lounge. Travelers who choose to spend time in the Polaris Lounge at Newark Liberty International Airport will be able to rest, take a shower, and enjoy a tasty bite to eat with a beverage of their choice before boarding their flight.

Star Alliance Lounge Newark

Passengers in Terminal B can access the Star Alliance Lounge at Newark Liberty International Airport. A wide selection of snacks and beverages are available in this lounge for travelers to enjoy along with televisions, internet access, and flight monitors. Passengers can use the Star Alliance Lounge at EWR to escape from the hustle and bustle of the terminal area or to grab a light bite to eat before takeoff.

Newark Airport Parking Lots

Newark Liberty International Airport offers several parking options for travelers to choose from. Short term, economy, and daily parking can be found onsite at EWR, and off-site parking options are available at airport hotels and other parking facilities. Valet parking is also available at Newark Liberty International Airport and some of the off-site parking facilities. Onsite parking rates vary by lot and are significantly more expensive than the rates at off-site parking facilities like Newark Airport Long Term Parking.

Newark Liberty International Airport Parking
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Newark Airport Short Term Parking

The Newark Airport Short Term Parking Lots are located across from Terminals A, B, and C. Parking rates in the short term lots are $4 for each half-hour with a daily maximum rate of $39. This lot is mainly used by travelers taking short trips and those who wish to park close to the terminal area. Because of the expensive parking rates at these lots, it’s best not to use them for extended trips. Instead, make your reservation at Newark Airport Long Term Parking where you’ll enjoy additional perks and better rates.

Newark Airport Economy Parking (P6)

The Newark Airport Economy Parking Lot (P6) is located three miles from the terminal area. The daily rate for parking in the economy lot is $18 and $6 every eight hours after the first 24-hour period. This lot is ideal for passengers who will be away for several weeks, but travelers who park in this lot will need to take the AirTrain to reach the terminal area. If you’re looking to save even more on EWR parking, look no further Newark Airport Long Term Parking. You can book parking accommodations for your vehicle at a fraction of the price.

Newark Airport Daily Parking (P4)

Daily parking at Newark Liberty International Airport costs $4 for each half-hour with a daily maximum rate of $34 each day. Daily parking is located further away from the terminal area than the short-term lots, but it is a more cost-efficient option for travelers. Travelers parking in the daily lot can take the shuttle to reach the terminal area. Budget friendly travelers in the know choose to park at Newark Airport Long Term Parking to save both time and money!

Newark Airport Off Site Parking Lots

There are several off-site parking lots available near Newark Liberty International Airport. Newark Airport Long Term Parking offers secure off-site parking at a great price. Travelers who want to avoid Newark Airport traffic can save time and money by parking at an off-site facility like NALTP.

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Newark Airport Hotel Parking

Various Newark Airport hotels offer valet and self-parking options for travelers. Many of the Newark Airport hotels provide complimentary shuttle transportation to and from the airport. Rates vary by hotel, but parking is often included when the stay is booked. Unfortunately, the security at Newark Airport hotels isn’t optimal, that’s why savvy travelers stay at Newark Airport Long Term Parking instead.

Newark Airport Hotel Parking

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