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EWR Polaris Lounge

The Perfect Solution for Business Travelers

The EWR Polaris Lounge is located in Terminal C between gates C102 and C120. This brand-new lounge was built in June of 2018 and is beautifully designed and decorated in a style that echoes New York City. Travelers will be able to access the 27,000 square foot EWR Polaris Lounge and all of its amazing amenities after going through security checkpoints. Whether you want to take care of business or relax and unwind before your flight, the EWR Polaris Lounge offers everything you need to make the best of your time at the airport. Delicious dining options, upscale decor, and spa-like amenities await you in the lounge.

Where Style Meets Technology

With over 500 power outlets and available seating for 455 travelers, the new EWR Polaris Lounge is the best place to work or relax before your flight. Business travelers can enjoy all the lounge has to offer under artistic lighting while taking advantage of the USB outlets, private meeting rooms, and internet access. The lounge offers a comfortable, peaceful place for business travelers to make phone calls, send emails, and get work done before boarding. In the EWR Polaris Lounge, you won’t be interrupted by noise and distractions while you’re on the phone with a client or focusing on an important project.

EWR Polaris Lounge Style and Technology
Photo Credit: United Airlines

Amenities in the EWR Polaris Lounge

In addition to the technological amenities available, the EWR Polaris Lounge is also equipped with features to help travelers rest, relax, and refuel before flying out. Luxurious rainfall shower suites offer privacy for travelers who would love a refreshing shower. Travelers can clean up with the best products made with natural ingredients before settling in for a pre-flight nap on one of the private daybeds dressed in Saks Fifth Avenue bedding. Have a valet steam your suit for you while you rest so you can show up at your destination looking sharp and feeling confident. Traveling can drain you, but you’ll be able to stay on your A-game when you rest and refresh in the new lounge.

EWR Polaris Lounge Food

The Best Food & Drinks Available

When you are traveling for business, it’s important to stay hydrated and fuel yourself with nourishing food. Sitting down and enjoying a tasty meal paired with your favorite drink is an excellent way to relax and clear your mind before your flight. The EWR Polaris Lounge offers food and drinks to suit all tastes. Whether you want to enjoy international delights, rich comfort food, or light and healthy options, you’ll be able to satisfy your taste buds when you sample the buffet or order off the dining menu. Burgers, salads, and chicken parmesan are just a few of the delicious options available for travelers in the lounge. Travelers can select a drink to enjoy with their meal from the lounge’s impressive cocktail menu.

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How to Gain Access to the EWR Polaris Lounge

If you want to spend time in the EWR Polaris Lounge before your flight, you’ll need to apply and gain access ahead of time. Access to the lounge is restricted to intercontinental passengers only, and you must be flying in the following first-class or business class cabins. Passengers who have been granted access to the lounge may bring along one guest.

  • United Polaris First Class
  • Star Alliance Long-Haul Business Class
  • Star Alliance Long-Haul First Class
  • United Polaris Business Class

If you are traveling to Mexico, Central America, Canada, or the Caribbean, you will not be able to access the Polaris Lounge at EWR. You must be flying first or business class, and it’s best to book your spot in the lounge ahead of time if you want guaranteed access.

EWR Polaris Lounge Access
Photo Credit: United Airlines

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