La Compagnie Newark Airport

La Compagnie Newark Airport

La Compagnie Newark Travelers Can Enjoy Better Parking at NALTP

Newark Airport Long Term Parking is proud to offer convenient offsite parking services for La Compagnie travelers. If you want to save money on your next parking reservation, our LTP Club and other benefits can make things easier for you and your budget. We offer the best perks and services that make parking with us much easier than parking onsite at EWR. If you are flying with La Compagnie Newark, our friendly parking team can help make your trip easier from start to finish. Don’t forget to book your parking in advance, our lot fills up quickly especially during peak travel times!

La Compagnie Newark Parking

A Look at La Compagnie’s History

La Compagnie was founded by Frantz Yvelin as a French boutique airline under its parent company, “Dreamjet.” The airline is based in Paris out of Orly Airport and exclusively operates business class flights between Newark, Nice, and Paris. When La Compagnie was founded in 2013, it originally operated out of Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. In 2018, the airline moved its operations to Orly and began seasonal service from Newark to Nice soon after. La Compagnie’s current fleet includes two Airbus A320neo planes. Since September 2017, the airline has offered all-you-can-fly passes from Newark to Paris for $40,000 annually. La Compagnie Newark operates out of Terminal B and the IATA Code for La Compagnie is B0.

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Easy Newark Airport Parking for La Compagnie Travelers

Onsite Newark Airport parking can be stressful and a huge waste of your time. Between driving to the airport, searching for a spot, and hauling your luggage around, you might find yourself worn out before your flight. La Compagnie travelers can skip the hassles of parking onsite at EWR and enjoy these benefits when they park with us. We also drop passengers off directly at the La Compagnie Newark terminal.

The LTP Club

Our LTP Club members can save money on Newark Airport parking. When you sign up for this free membership, we will put ten LTP points into your account right away. That’s equivalent to one free day of parking! Each day you park with us, you will earn one LTP point. The more days you park, the closer you will get to earning more free days of parking.

Guaranteed Newark Airport Parking

When you park at EWR, you never know if the lots are going to be overcrowded when you arrive at the airport. A full lot could be a nightmare if you are trying to find a spot quickly before your flight. When you make a parking reservation at Newark Airport Long Term Parking in advance, you are guaranteed a spot when you arrive at our facility on your departure day.

Complimentary Airport Shuttle Service

Our complimentary Newark Airport shuttle service is included with your reservation. Once you arrive at our facility, we will load your bags into the shuttle. Your courteous driver will take you to the airport and drop you off directly at the La Compagnie terminal. When you arrive back at EWR, our shuttle will return to pick you up and bring you back to the NALTP facility.

Open Whenever You Need Us

Newark Airport Long Term Parking is open 24/7. Anytime you are flying out of EWR, we will be here to accommodate you. Our team members are here around the clock to help you check in and get you to the airport on time. Whether you are catching an early morning flight or arriving late because of a delay, we are open and ready to assist you with parking.

Luggage Assistance

Carrying luggage around while you’re traveling is exhausting. When you park with us, we’ll handle your luggage for you. This benefit adds extra convenience and ease to your parking experience. We’ll load your bags into the shuttle for you and unload them when we drop you off at the La Compagnie terminal. When you return home, we will assist you with your luggage again.

Self Parking

When you park with us, you’ll never have to worry. The Newark Airport Long Term Parking facility is safe and secure. Our lot is surrounded by a sturdy fence and illuminated by bright lighting. There is always someone on duty watching over the lot, and we have security cameras monitoring all activity.

Don’t Forget to Reserve Your Newark Airport Parking Ahead of Time

Before your next trip to Paris or Nice with La Compagnie Newark, don’t forget to book your parking reservation in advance so you can lock in your spot. Our offsite parking facility is the safest, most convenient place to park your car while you’re away. Book with us today and see why we are known as the All-Stars of Newark Airport Parking!