Newark Airport Long Term Parking Advantages

At Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we work hard to satisfy our customers. With our friendly staff, simple reservation system, secure parking lot, and airport shuttles, we’ve become a reliable Newark Airport parking alternative.

Advantages over AirTrain

Advantages over Air Train

While AirTrain gives travelers a way to get from terminal to terminal, there are some advantages that Newark Airport Long Term Parking offers that simply can’t be beat.

Advantages over Buses

Advantages over Buses

Some travelers choose to take a bus to the airport; others choose to park with Newark Airport Long Term Parking and enjoy a more convenient, affordable, and personalized experience.

Advantages over Competition

Fast Shuttle Service

With so many Newark Airport parking services available, it can be hard to choose one. At Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we offer the best prices, services, security, and overall convenience of them all. We guarantee you’ll be happy with your parking experience.

Advantages over Newark Airport

Newark Airport Parking

When it comes to parking at Newark Airport, it can be a real hassle. Our airport parking facility is a convenient alternative – we’re a short 2 to 3 minute drive from the airport and our parking services cost only a fraction of what you’d pay at Newark Airport.

Advantages over Taxis

Advantages over Taxis

While a taxi is a common way to get to the airport, we have an option that’s even better – our Newark Airport parking service. Discover our advantages over taxis.