Advantages over Hotels

Newark Airport Hotels with Parking

Advantages over Hotels with ParkingNewark Airport LTP prides itself on giving top value to our faithful customers. Unlike Newark Airport hotels with parking, we provide much more than a simple parking spot. We offer security, the best prices, and car care services that leave our competition in the dust.

Secure and Safe Newark Airport Parking

Leaving your car at Newark Airport hotels with parking is risky. The parking lots are unsupervised, meaning anyone could break into your vehicle or vandalize it. Most hotels do not have fencing or security equipment. Our lot is fenced in and patrolled by our experienced team members around the clock. We also have a high-tech security surveillance system for an added layer of protection. With Newark Airport Long Term Parking you can enjoy your trip knowing your car is safe and sound.

Exclusive Savings with the LTP Club

When you join our LTP Club, you will enjoy reduced daily rates with perks and rewards. It’s free to sign up and our members earn points for every single day they park at our lot. Once you’ve accumulated ten points, you will get a free day of parking. Plus, you can check in or out via an app on your phone, allowing you to bypass the front desk altogether. Earn ten points just by signing up for the LTP Club today!

Car Care Services

Wouldn’t it be great to get an oil change when you are on vacation, or get your vehicle detailed while on a business trip? We want to give you one less thing to worry about while you are traveling. At Newark Airport LTP we offer those car care services and more. These include filling up your gas tank, delivering your vehicle to you at the airport, and a thorough exterior wash. We doubt that any Newark Airport hotels with parking can provide that level of service!

Instead of taking a chance leaving your car in an unsecured hotel parking lot, trust your vehicle to the experts at Newark Airport LTP and make a reservation for your next trip today. Find out why so many people choose our Newark Airport parking lot over the competition.