Advantages over Newark Airport

Newark Airport ParkingAt our Newark Airport parking facility, we offer discounted parking that features convenience, services, security, and prices that outdo the parking services at EWR Airport. The next time you fly out of Newark International Airport, choose to park with us and you’ll understand the advantages we have.


With our Newark Airport parking service, you’ll be able to park your car for a daily price that’s cheaper than the EWR parking rates. At Newark International Airport, parking can end up costing you over 40 dollars per day, but at our parking facility, our parking rates start at a fraction of that cost.


Have you ever had to drive around in circles searching for a parking spot at the airport? Have you ever had to drag your baggage across the parking lot only to wait 20 minutes for a shuttle? With our Newark Airport parking service, one of our Newark Airport parking shuttles will pick you up and to take you on a short short 2 to 3 minute ride directly to your terminal. It’s that easy!

When you return, all you have to do is call us and we’ll send a shuttle to your terminal immediately. We’ll have your car ready for you when you come back. We’ll even have it warmed up in the winter or cooled down in the summer.

Benefits and Services

When it comes to EWR Airport parking, many travelers pay a high price with no real benefits. At our parking facility, however, we offer an array of free benefits such as air for your tires, battery charge, daily newspapers, and candy. We also offer our V.I.P. Service, which lets you leave right from the airport upon your return, and our Frequent Parker Program which lets you earn points every time you park and redeem them for parking or our car wash and detail services.

Newark International Airport Security

With such large parking areas at Newark International Airport, can you be sure your vehicle will be safe? At our facility, our Newark Airport parking lot is fenced in and under more than 30 state-of-the-art surveillance cameras at all times, so you won’t have to worry about returning to a damaged vehicle.