Pick Up by Text

Closest Parking to Newark Airport

At Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we offer the most convenient and innovative ways to make your experience with parking near Newark Airport easier. With our “Pick Up by Text” service, you can skip the hassle of parking at Newark Airport or waiting around for the next shuttle and text us directly. Plus, we are one of the closest parking facilities to Newark Airport.

How it Works

When you arrive and check in at our Newark Airport parking facility, you’ll receive a claim check that displays your personal claim check number and our phone number. Make sure you keep this claim check safe when you travel, as you’ll need it later.

When you arrive back at Newark Airport after your vacation or business trip, simply text your terminal letter (A, B, or C), a space, and your claim check number to the phone number listed on the claim check. For example, if you arrive at terminal B and your claim check number is 7354, send the text “B 7354.” When we receive your text, we’ll send someone out immediately to come pick you up. It’s that simple!

Closest Parking to Newark Airport

We know that parking at Newark Airport can be frustrating and can cost you more than you want to spend. That’s why we work hard to bring you discounted parking rates and a hassle-free parking service. Book a reservation today with our free online reservation system and find out why people love our Newark Airport parking facility!