How to Find the Best Parking Spot at EWR


parking spot EWR

A great parking spot can put a little spring in your step and make the start of your vacation or business trip even better. When it comes to parking at Newark Airport, however, there are hundreds of travelers looking for a great spot and finding one can be tough. If you really want to find the best parking spot at EWR, we’ll give you a hint: it’s not at EWR.

The best parking spot at EWR is actually at Newark Airport Long Term Parking. Here, you’re guaranteed a parking space when you make a reservation. That means you’ll never have to worry about getting to the airport and finding out the lots are full. You can enjoy a great parking experience less than 3 miles from EWR.

Valet or Self-Parking

At NALTP, we want to make airport parking as easy as possible. That’s why we we offer valet parking. Not only will you have a guaranteed parking spot, you’ll also have someone who can park your car for you. All you have to do is arrive at our location and check in. Then, you can leave the rest to us! We’ll load your luggage onto one of our fast, comfortable shuttles and send you on your way. We’ll park your car and keep your keys safe while you’re gone. Once you return, we’ll have your car ready for you – it’ll be all warmed up during the winter and cooled down during the summer.

If valet parking isn’t your preference and you’d rather park your own car, we also offer a self-parking service. After you arrive and check in, simply find the first available parking spot and pull in. Then, just take your keys with you and hop on our shuttle to the airport. We’ll have you at your terminal in just a few minutes. When you return, you can find your car and be on your way home quickly.

Treat Your Car Right

Your car is an important part of your life, so why not treat it right? At NALTP, we keep each and every one of our cars safe. We surround our parking lot with a sturdy fencing system and steel guard rails. In addition, we have a 60-camera surveillance system and our staff members are on patrol 24/7. When you park with us, you can enjoy your trip knowing that your car is protected.

Another feature that makes us the best parking spot at EWR is our car care services. If your car needs a little TLC, we offer washes, waxes, detailing, oil changes, and even gas fill-ups. Simply book your service and we’ll have it done while you’re away. You’ll come back to a car that looks great and is ready to go.

Book your reservation with NALTP today and find out why so many skip an EWR parking spot and turn to us instead.