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Looking for Parking at EWR? We Have a Better Solution

Parking EWR
Let’s talk about parking at Newark Airport. It seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? After all, parking at the airport is onsite, so you would think that you won’t have to go through too much hassle. Unfortunately, the reality is much bleaker than that. Parking at EWR is not only time consuming and frustrating, but also crazy expensive! At Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we have a better solution to your parking needs.

Why Newark Airport Long Term Parking Is the Better Option

Here at Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we’re known as All-Stars of parking. It’s a title that we’ve worked hard to earn. We believe that taking care of our customers and making their travel a whole lot easier is the most important thing. That’s why we set our standards above the rest and ensure that our services give you more choices for less money.

How We Serve You

1. Always Affordable Newark Airport Parking Rates

We know that the exorbitant rates for parking at EWR can put a dent in your budget. That’s why we keep our prices significantly lower than those at EWR, and we create even more ways to save. The math here is simple: when we save, you save. Making a reservation on our website or joining our LTP Club helps us plan in advance and save more, so we happily pass those savings on to you.

2. Transportation Made Easy

We get you to and from Newark Airport as quickly and conveniently as possible. Our shuttles run every five minutes, and our facility is very close to Newark Airport. We also offer a pick up by text service which makes your journey that much easier. Our drivers are friendly and professional and will even help you with your luggage free of charge.

Better Parking Near EWR

The moment you arrive at our facility, parking becomes about what works best for you. Both valet and self park options are available, not to mention our electric charging stations and award-winning customer service. Trust us with your vehicle, and we’ll keep it safe and sound in our secure lot that is patrolled, fenced in, and surveilled. What’s more, if you’ve been putting off that oil change or if your car needs a wash, we can take care of that, too.

The bottom line is that at Newark Airport Long Term Parking the customer comes first. It’s what we’ve always believed, and it’s how we do business. If parking at EWR is sounding less like a good deal and more like a chore, we’re here to help. Parking with us means being a parking All-Star. It means knowing that someone is taking care of the hard and boring stuff so that you don’t have to. Let the NALTP team serve you today and never worry about Newark Airport parking again!