Stop Settling for Newark Airport Economy Parking

Newark Airport Economy Parking

A select few of us fly all the time and have our routine perfectly planned. Most of us, however, fly occasionally and dread having to figure out all of the details. One of the worst parts is parking; if you don’t know the parking structures like the back of your hand, you could end up a hike away from your terminal. Newark Airport economy parking is a nightmare, and you deserve so much better.

Welcome to Better EWR Parking

Let’s talk about some ways to make your life better. One of the first things you can do is decide that you will never settle for subpar parking again. Using Newark Airport Long Term Parking is the solution to your airport woes because we take care of you. Instead of leaving your car for days or weeks at a time in an unprotected parking garage or lot, place your vehicle in the capable hands of the Newark LTP team, their security fence, and their always-running security cameras.

Newark Airport Economy Parking Done Right

Aside from the top-notch customer service, NALTP has a number of services you can take advantage of during your next trip. Everything from a car wash to an oil change to a full detail are available. You can fly out of Newark with a dirty car and come back to one that is clean and shiny, ready for the road. A comfortable shuttle drops you off directly at your terminal, and (unlike the airport) a reservation with NALTP will guarantee you a spot even during the busy season.

VIP service is yet another reason to avoid Newark Airport economy parking. We don’t mean “VIP” in the standard sales pitch jargon. Imagine getting off your flight to find that our shuttles are just a quick text away. What’s more, joining the LTP Club will get you discounted rates and allow you to earn points toward future parking and services!

Still Not Convinced?

If after all of this, Newark Airport economy parking still seems like the better choice, we have one more thing to say. The reason that NALTP offers so many services and has so much security is that we care about our customers. We want to feel like our business is making a difference in people’s lives by removing one of those annoying tasks that can suck the joy from our lives. NALTP cares about the people that are tired of terrible parking. We care about you.

Let us help you. Make a reservation today and learn why we’re known as the all-stars of parking!