The Stress Behind Newark Airport Daily Parking Rates

Newark Airport Daily Parking Rates

There’s Something Better Available

When you first arrive at the Newark Liberty International Airport parking lot and notice the unreasonably high rates, I’m sure you’ll pause for a moment and think to yourself… isn’t there something better out there? When you glance at the stress-free people stepping off the Newark Airport LTP’s shuttle, it will hit you. There are better parking services with lower Newark airport daily parking rates available!

“Why can’t I have that stress-free traveling experience?”

While you’re pulling out your phone’s calculator app to figure out how much money you’ll need to pay to parking at PHL airport, silently wondering how you’re going to tell your daughter her college plans will have to wait as you consider dipping into the tuition fund, the “other” travelers are already checking in for their flight.

What’s their secret?

You know what I mean. Those travelers who seem to have it all together. The luggage, the streamline through security, the boarding passes, and yes, the confidence to proceed to their destination without wondering how they are going to pay for parking and whether or not their car will be safe while they are gone.

What is this parking magic?

The answer is Newark Airport Long Term Parking. Now, we believe our shuttles and the services we offer are pretty exceptional. But if you’d prefer to call it magic, we’re ok with that too.

There’s a reason we’ve been dubbed the all-stars of parking. It’s about providing the kind of travel experience we would want to enjoy ourselves. A travel experience that removes unnecessary stress of paying too much, getting to your flight on time, or worrying about the safety of your vehicle when you are traveling for business or pleasure.

Imagine returning to our facility, pleasantly exhausted from a great vacation or successful business trip, to find your car cooled down on a hot summer day or warmed up in the middle of the winter.

Just like a V.I.P. traveler!

And, did we mention that the gas tank is full and the car has been washed?

Yes… that’s a car care service we can provide for you as well.

Which Travel Experience Would You Prefer?

Expensive Newark Airport daily parking rates provide you a piece of asphalt in a lot to place your car while you are gone. You are responsible for hauling your luggage to and from your terminal and even risk not being able to find a spot at all! With minimal security and nonexistent perks, parking at EWR is a risk you shouldn’t take.

Newark Airport Long Term Parking is located just minutes from EWR airport. Once you arrive, the rest is up to us. Our experience and professional shuttle drivers will deal with the traffic as you are transported directly to your terminal at the airport. You and your luggage will be conveniently delivered curbside to the airline of your choosing.

And, we’ll be there for you upon your return.

The type of parking experience you have on your next trip is up to you. It can be as basic as parking your car in a secure, economical location off-site. Or, you can experience a VIP car care service where we treat your car to a spa day; washing, detailing, changing the oil, topping off the tank, etc. Either way you’ll experience exceptional customer service and will always be treated like family.

Try to get Newark Airport daily parking rates to cover that! Make a reservation with us today!