We Are Proud to Offer the Best Newark Airport Parking Service

Best Newark Airport Parking

Good businesses offer services that make your life easier. Great businesses do that and then focus on customer experience. What separates the expected from the exceptional is the attention to every step of the process. When customer-centered experience is the focus, you get the best: the best product, the best service, the best Newark Airport parking and at NALTP that’s exactly what we strive for.

The Newark Airport Long Term Parking Difference

When you park with us at Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we constantly work to make it worth your while. Parking at the airport comes with all kinds of challenges. You may or may not get a parking spot because there are no guaranteed reservations, and you may or may not have to drive around for far too long because there are no shuttles dropping you off at the departures level. NALTP has everything EWR doesn’t and so much more.

How Can NALTP Save You Time?

We’ve already mentioned that we drop you off at the departures level, but it’s also important to know that NALTP is the only offsite EWR parking facility that offers this benefit. Don’t walk up two floors dragging your bags behind you when you can go straight to the top with the parking all-stars. We also offer a pick up by text service that allows you to let us know when you arrive so that we can take you back to your car right away.

If you want to save the most time, take advantage of our car care services. You’re busy every day, not just when you travel. So, we thought it would be helpful to offer our customers the chance to get a car wash or oil change you may have been putting off done while you are away. Come back to a squeaky-clean car that’s ready to go.

The Best Newark Airport Parking Facility Saves You Money Too

Sometimes, the classics are just what are needed. In our effort to save you money, we like to make it simple by keeping our prices low and our discounts large. Making a reservation with our online system automatically gets you a better price than just walking in because it lets us plan ahead and be more efficient. And if you join our LTP Club, we’ll give you points that you can redeem for free parking! Like we said, it’s simple. When we save, you save.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

We all want to feel safe. No matter who you are, you want to know that your property is secure and that your needs are met. Our facility is monitored and patrolled at all hours to ensure your vehicle is protected. What’s more, we know that your needs are unique, and we try to accommodate that. We offer both self park and valet options so that you can choose which works best for you.

The best Newark Airport parking experience is the one that fits you. Whatever you like, we have something for you. Customer service is our passion, and we want to show you that it really is all about you. Short term or long term, we’ve got you covered. Choose a better parking experience today!