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What’s So Great About Our LTP Club?

LTP Club

At our Newark Airport parking facility, we have a club called the “LTP Club,” but what’s so special about being a member? Here are some great advantages:

You’ll save time

When you’re a Gold member of the LTP Club, you won’t have to worry about checking out once you return from your trip and get back to our parking lot. Instead, we’ll charge the credit card you have on file and email you the receipt so you can head home immediately.

Frequent Parker Points

Our Frequent Parker Points are arguably the best reason to become an LTP Club member. Each day you park with us, you’ll earn one point. When you collect 10 points, we’ll give you a free day of parking. After 10, you’ll be able to redeem points for an exterior car wash (25 points), deluxe car wash (35 points) or V.I.P. service (50 points) where we bring your car right to the airport and you can head home from there.

Online Access

When you’re a member of the LTP Club, you’ll have your very own online account where you can make a reservation, manage a reservation and keep track of your Frequent Parker Points. If you’re a Gold member, you can also input a credit card to keep on file.

If you’re a frequent flier and want to become a member of our LTP Club, it’s easy! Simply choose a Silver or Gold membership to get started.