Why Frequent Fliers Choose Us Over Airport Parking

Newark Airport parking

On any given day, we have a number of frequent fliers make parking reservations with our company instead of parking at Newark Airport. Why? There are many reasons.


When it comes to airport parking, you can’t always be sure about the safety of your vehicle. Even if an airport has a surveillance system, many times, they won’t take responsibility if someone damages, breaks into, or steals your car. At Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we offer a fenced-in location that can only be accessed by our customers. In addition, our lot is brightly lit, under video surveillance, and patrolled on foot by our friendly staff members.


While Newark Airport parking may seem convenient, it can actually be more of a hassle than you think – especially if you’re traveling during the holidays or another busy time. At the airport, you’ll spend time trying to find an open parking spot and after you do, you’ll have to lug your baggage to the right terminal. At our parking facility, however, we can park your car for you, load your luggage onto and off of our shuttle, and drop you off right at your terminal. When you return from your trip, simply let us know and we’ll come pick you up.

Peace of Mind

We know the last thing you want to worry about on your vacation is your car, which is why frequent fliers choose to park with us. Our secure lot and caring staff members can put your mind at ease. Plus, you won’t have to worry about overpaying when the final bill is presented. We offer great rates and an easier way to travel.

To make your next Newark Airport parking reservation with us, click here. And if you’re already a frequent flier, check out our LTP Club, which can help save you even more travel time.