Why is Parking Near Newark Airport a Better Option?

Parking Near Newark Airport

Benefits of Newark Airport LTP

Newark Airport LTP has been in business for over 30 years, and in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about parking. We’re known as the best parking near Newark Airport, and we offer many benefits over EWR. One of the great features about our parking lot is that it offers a sense of security that the airport itself doesn’t offer. Our facility is entirely surrounded by sturdy fencing and has over a dozen security cameras. You can rest easy on your next trip knowing your car is safe here. In addition to exceptional safety, we offer several different services that the airport itself can’t give to their guests.

Exceptional EWR Valet Parking & Quick Shuttle Services

Our valet parking services were put into place to get your trip off to a great start. As soon as you arrive at our lot, our valet drivers will take your car off of your hands so you can avoid the stress of finding a place to park. (Unlike at the airport!) While your car is being parked, you can board one of the shuttles that will escort you to the airport terminals. Our shuttle drivers will even place your luggage on the shuttle while you sit back to enjoy the five-minute ride to the airport. We’ll drop you off directly in front of your terminal and your luggage will once again taken care of for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. Now that’s a great way to start a relaxing vacation!

Exclusive Club

To enhance your travel experiences even more, check out our LTP Club which offers EWR parking discounts. It’s free to sign up, and there is no annual fee! Accrue points each time you park with us and redeem them for free parking. In fact, if you sign up today, you’ll earn 10 points (or 1 free day of parking) immediately! Membership perks also include the ability to view past receipts, offer a quick way to view your profile, help you easily pick up your car upon your return with the simple click of one button, and allow you to skip check in at the front desk with simply checking in and checking out online through the app.

We’re proud to be the best parking near Newark Airport. Our lot offers many benefits that the airport can’t give to their guests and you will definitely reap the rewards. Make a reservation with Newark Airport LTP today and learn why we’re known as the all stars of parking!