Allegiant Air Is Coming to Newark Liberty International

Allegiant Air

Travelers flying out of Newark Liberty International Airport will soon be able to fly with Allegiant Air. The airline recently addressed the U.S. Department of Transportation about the large control that American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines have over the New York metropolitan area and come fall, it will be considered Newark’s first discount carrier since the United Airlines lawsuit.

Allegiant will be stationed at Terminal B and will be flying out of EWR twice a day to Cincinnati, OH, Asheville, NC, Savannah, GA, and Knoxville, TN starting in November.

“It’s been something we’ve talked about for years, and now we’re just so excited to serve the New York metropolitan area,” said Lukas Johnson, Allegiant’s vice president for network and pricing, in a Wall Street Journal article.

Controversy over United’s presence at EWR began last fall after United announced its plans to purchase 24 additional slots from Delta. With the airline already controlling 900 of about 1,200 slots, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit and United revoked its plan. Around the same time, the Federal Aviation Administration softened hourly limits on flight arrivals and departures at Newark, opening up more slots for other airlines. Now, Allegiant can take advantage of some of these slots.

With a discount carrier making a presence at Newark, it’s yet to be determined whether the airline’s low prices will have an impact on the prices of other carriers at the airport. But for right now, travelers can purchase Allegiant fares for as low as $39 one-way. However, they should be reminded that there are other airline fees such as seat selection, carry-on luggage, and more.

“We compete vigorously with many airlines throughout our network, including at Newark Airport, and believe customers will continue to value our frequent flights to more than 150 destinations world-wide and our extensive support of organizations throughout the region,” said United spokesman Rahsaan Johnson.

*Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org