There’s a New Secret Restaurant at EWR

Dining at the VIP Level

If you opened up a secret restaurant, what would you name it? Confidential? Top-Secret? Classified? The latter is the name United chose for the secluded restaurant that it recently opened in Terminal C at Newark Airport.

You may have heard of secret bars or restaurants around the city, but now you can experience the same VIP-type treatment right before you catch your flight out of the airport. It’s said that reservations to the restaurant are by invitation only (we’re guessing it’s only open to the high-rollers in United’s frequent flyer program) and its location is only disclosed once you make your reservation.

Once you arrive (some have alluded to the restaurant being behind Saison in Terminal C), you’ll find only 36 seats and iPads that are set up to take your order. If you haven’t guessed, dinner at Classified isn’t cheap – the menu is “inspired by upscale American cuisine with seasonal ingredients and tableside service,” according to United and entrees range from $29-$45. If you’re feeling extra luxurious, you can even opt for the 42-ounce tomahawk ribeye steak for $98.

To see if you’ve been granted access to the restaurant, head here and type in your MileagePlus number. If you get in, let us know how it is!

*Photo courtesy of United