Are You A Foodie? You’ll Love Newark Airport’s Renovation

Newark airport

If you’ve ever traveled to or from Newark Airport and wished there were more restaurants to choose from, your wish will not only be granted, but will be elevated. In an effort to revamp the airport’s Terminal C, Newark is partnering with OTG, an award-winning travel restaurateur, to transform the area into a foodie paradise.

Newark Airport is United Airlines’ largest East Coast hub and United flies out of Terminal C, which makes the terminal one of the busiest in the country (and the focus for the renovation project).

The project, which will cost $120 million, will include 55 new restaurants headed by renowned chefs like Mario Carbone, Alain Ducasse, Amanda Freitag, Jose Garces, and more. In addition to restaurants, visitors will also find a ramen bar, a sushi bar, a Neapolitan pizza restaurant, Asian street food, and a salumeria.

When it comes to beverages, visitors will enjoy a beer bar called Caps Beer Garden, a wine bar called Oeno, and a whiskey bar called Proof (all of which will also have food.)

OTG is also adding 6,000 new iPads to the terminal – one for every seat at every bar and table. Passengers will not only be able to order their meal from the iPad, but they’ll also be able to scan their boarding pass and stay up-to-date on their flight information while they eat. They can also use the iPad to shop, and once they’re done with their meal and retail items, they can pay for everything in just a few easy steps.

As far as the layout of the area goes, OTG has rendered plans to include rotating signs and movable walls so that food kiosks can be transformed based on the time of day. Also included are glowing mesh fixtures, large area rugs, and LED lighting.

The renovation will occur in stages, with the first handful of restaurants projected to be completed by this summer. The entire project is set to be completed in 2016.