How to Navigate Airports Today

How to Navigate Airports Today

Less Stress and More Efficient Airline Travel

If you haven’t flown in a while, navigating the airport may seem like a daunting task. Will it be crowded? Has the layout changed? What about new TSA procedures? Where should I park? These are all valid questions and we’re here to help you. We have been providing Newark Airport parking for long term travelers for years, so we know the ins and outs of efficient airport travel.

Skip Check-in Lines

Checking in to your flight the night before your flight is a great way to save time and stress at the airport. Even if you are checking a bag when you check in early there is usually a much shorter “bag drop” line. We’ll always recommend not checking a bag if possible.

Get TSA Information

There’s no way to completely skip TSA. You can, however, get a heads up on current wait times and other helpful information directly from the MyTSA App. The more you know before you get to security, the better chance you have of not being delayed.

Get Preapproved

The fastest way to get through TSA is to get preapproved. TSA Pre-check will cost you $85 but lasts for 5 years. You will be able to drastically cut down your wait time with this process. Remember that everyone in your party must be preapproved in order for you all to get through together.

Utilize Airport Lounges

Utilize Airport Lounges

Sitting at your gate and finding seats together can be a real hassle. Enjoy your preflight meal in one of the many airport lounges. If you travel frequently, you may already have access to a lounge, but you can typically pay for a day pass that will allow you to relax and avoid the crowded food lines and foot traffic.

Prepare Your Entertainment

When you’re sharing the Wi-Fi with the rest of the airport, it’ll be tough to download the entertainment you want for your flight. The last thing you want is to run out of time and have nothing to watch, read, or listen during your trip. Pre-download your music and movies the night before so you don’t waste time and battery while you wait for your flight.

Bring Backup Power

You’ve seen the crowd of people sitting at the base of a pillar with 2 outlets. Don’t rely on an available way to charge your devices in the airport. Bring a backup power source so that you can charge on demand.

Know Your Terminal

Airports have terminal maps, and your flight information will usually tell you exactly where you will be well before your flight. If you know the layout of the airport, you will be able to better navigate the crowds and give yourself plenty of time to get to your flight.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you see a huge line, it doesn’t hurt to ask someone if there might be another area you can get through security. Many airports have several checkpoints and even connecting terminals once you pass the checkpoint.

Choose Your Newark Airport Long Term Parking In Advance

Avoid navigating the traffic outside of the airport by choosing an off-site parking lot like Newark Airport Long Term Parking. Reserve your spot online ahead of your trip and you will have a safe place for your vehicle and professional airport shuttle drivers to get you right to your terminal so you can be on your way. It is also more affordable than paying to park in the airport lots. Safe travels!