Newark Airport May See More Erie Customers

Newark Erie

According to, travelers in Erie, Pennsylvania want to get to the East Coast easier and are hoping to see direct United Airlines flights from Erie International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport.

Last year, United Airlines closed down their hub in Cleveland. With service in Cleveland, Erie travelers were able to drive about two hours to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and hop on a United flight to get to the East Coast. But with no Cleveland hub, many routes from Erie to the East Coast include layovers in cities like Chicago or Detroit, which would mean back-tracking even further west just to go east.

If United were to offer flights from Erie to Newark, the airline could gain an abundanceof new passengers, but according to the article, United hasn’t made a decision yet:

“We have not reached a point where we think Erie-Newark service is the next best service for us. But we will evaluate it as we evaluate other opportunities,” said United Airlines spokesman Rahsaan Johnson.

Even though Erie International has been making moves to increase airline routes (including expanding its 6/24 runway to accommodate larger aircraft), it may take a few years’ time in order to see things change. This includes a wider variety of travel options to the East Coast.