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Newark Airport to Get a New Terminal C

Newark airport

Newark Airport is one of United Airlines’ main hubs and come November, the airline is going to give Newark’s Terminal C a $120 million makeover.

All three of the terminal’s areas – the seating, dining, and retail, are undergoing a transformation under a new contract with OTG Management. OTG is an “award-winning travel restaurateur with more than 200 restaurants and retail locations” in ten airports across the U.S. (including JFK, LaGuardia, and Philadelphia).

The company plans to add more than 55 new dining venues as well as nearly 6,000 iPads for travelers to use and duty-free shops for the around 60 gates. Additionally, travelers will be able to plug into more than 10,000 outlets and USB interfaces around the terminal seating area.

In an article by Future Travel Experience, OTG CEO Rick Blaststein says, “Our goal in partnering with United at Newark Liberty is to put the customer first by creating an environment that is inviting and engaging. Ultimately, the time spent inside of an airport is very much a part of the journey, and our team envisioned an experience that would appeal to all customers and complement the United brand from terminal to aircraft.”

The makeover is estimated to take about 18 months and has the potential to create more than 100 new jobs in the airport. Before its completion, travelers will have the opportunity to get a taste of the new food offerings when pop-up restaurants are installed.