WallyPark Newark Location Now Closed

WallyPark Newark

If you’ve ever parked at WallyPark Newark (website), you may be disappointed to learn that the location has closed down. However, the good news is that Newark Airport Long Term Parking is now available to WallyPark customers! We’re offering our trusted valet and self-parking services to those flying out of Newark Airport.

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The Airlines That Have Upped Their Checked Bag Fees

parking at Newark Airport

Remember the days when you used to be able to check your bag for free? Those days are nearly over, unfortunately. Most airlines not only charge you to check your bags, but several have recently upped their checked bag fees.

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United Airlines Donated $1 Million to NJ Nonprofits

Newark Airport parking

If you’ve ever flown out of Newark Airport, you’ve likely flown United Airlines. This is because EWR is one of the largest hubs in the U.S. for the carrier. With such a strong presence in Newark, the airline decided to donate $1 million to two New Jersey nonprofit organizations.

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Could We See an Entirely Rebuilt EWR?

EWR Airport parking

Newark Airport opened back in 1928 and was the first airport to serve the New York metro area. Over the years, EWR has seen a variety of changes and additions, but in a new plan proposed by the Regional Plan Association, the airport could see its biggest renovation yet.

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