10 Great Gifts for Travelers

The holidays are coming up, and our EWR Airport parking staff bets there are a few travelers on your list. We’ve come up with some great gifts to give, including headphones, mini steamers, and more. Check it out:

1. Travel pillow

Whether it’s on a plane, on a train, or in a car, a travel pillow is always a great idea. It can be used nearly anywhere to catch up on sleep or take a quick nap, and with the many shapes and styles these days, you’re sure to find one your traveler loves.

2. Wash bag

A wash bag is compact and great for travelers who frequent hotels, hostels, or any place where they may not be able to do laundry. All they have to do is combine water, cleaning liquid, and a few dirty essentials in one bag and rub the clothes against the bag to wash them. Then, just rinse them and hang them to dry.

3. Noise-canceling headphones

For those who travel often alone, noise canceling headphones can be lifesavers. Whether travelers are in an airport, on a plane, or simply want to get away for a little bit, they can enjoy some good music without hearing the other sounds around them.

4. Outlet adapters

Countries around the world have different shaped electrical outlets, which can cause problems if you’re trying to plug something from the U.S. into them. That’s why a set of outlet adapters is a great idea for travelers. Having the adapters before they get to another country can save them a lot of money.

5. Passport wallet

Passport wallets are great for keeping all of your valuables in one place. In addition to holding a passport, you can find wallets that hold money, credit cards, IDs, and even maps.

6. Camera case

If your traveler loves taking pictures while on an adventure, a camera case is a great way to protect their equipment. They come in many different materials and styles, so you’re sure to find one they love.

7. Vacuum storage bags

Vacuum storage bags come in many different sizes and are perfect for packing a large amount of clothing, bulky winter clothing, or bedding into a suitcase. Once the items are compressed and the air is vacuumed out, the bags are easy to pack.

8. Mini steamer

Clothing gets wrinkled in suitcases and there may not always be an iron available. This is where a mini steamer comes in handy. Steamers are great for any traveler, but especially business travelers who need to look professional in freshly-ironed clothing.

9. Journal

Writing in a journal is a great way to unwind while keeping track of your trip’s details. It’s also fun to go back and read old travel journals years later.

10. Luggage tags

Luggage tags are not only a great way to attach your personal information, but brightly colored or patterned luggage tags are also a great way to quickly spot your luggage in baggage claim.