10 More Crazy Things the TSA Has Found In Luggage


A few months ago, we wrote a blog titled “15 Crazy Things the TSA Has Found In Luggage” and while they were interesting, they didn’t account for all of the crazy things the TSA has found. That’s why we’re continuing the blog with 10 more things we hope you don’t have in your luggage:

1. Pen & highlighter knives

At Philadelphia International Airport, an error was detected on a man’s security screening. Upon further investigation, TSA agents found he had a pen and highlighter that both concealed small knives.

2. A cellphone stun gun

While the TSA finds loads of stun guns at airports, this one in particular was found at Indianapolis International Airport in the form of a cell phone.

3. A chastity belt

Yes, a woman was pulled aside after she went through a body scanner when her metal chastity belt set it off. Confused, the TSA agent questioned her, then allowed her to board since the belt wasn’t considered a threat or weapon.

4. A spear gun

At Newark Airport, a man flying to Antigua took his carry-on baggage through security and was found with a spear gun. He claimed he wasn’t aware the weapon was prohibited. Another spear gun was confiscated at Raleigh-Durham Airport.

5. Live eels

In Miami, a TSA agent unzipped a passenger’s luggage to find a bag of live eels swimming in a bag of water. In addition, there were over 150 tropical fish and 12 tiny sea turtles in dozens of plastic bags.

6. Batman throwing stars

If you’ve ever seen the Batman movies, you’ll know what we’re talking about. These specific ones were found at San Diego International Airport.

7. A bazooka round

Even though it was inert, a bazooka round was removed from a man’s checked luggage at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and moved to a remote location.

8. Cocaine tamales

A man from El Salvador tried to get through security with a batch of cocaine-filled tamales at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The cocaine totaled seven ounces.

9. A mace gun

At a Chicago airport, authorities confiscated what looked like a gun. They later found out that the barrel actually held a can of mace pepper spray.

10. $22,373 in cash

At Jacksonville International Airport, a passenger turned in a bag he had found to the TSA. Inside was more than $22,000 in cash. The bag was eventually reunited with its owner.

*Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org