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15 Crazy Things the TSA Has Found In Luggage


As a normal traveler, you may pack your bag for a trip and think, “Can I bring this with me?” Usually that thing is something questionable like a lighter or a pumpkin pie, but there are some travelers who pack a little differently (and don’t bother to question what they can bring). Our EWR Airport parking company scoured the Internet to find some of the craziest things that have been confiscated during an airport security check:

1. Human skull fragments

At Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, TSA agents found human skull fragments in a handful of clay pots that were checked. The flyers claimed the pots were souvenirs and they didn’t know the fragments were in them.

2. A lipstick gun

We had no idea these even existed, but at a small airport in Burlington, Vermont, a woman attempted to bring a suspicious tube of lipstick onto the plane. When security investigated, they found out it was a 350,000-volt stun gun.

3. Dead venomous snakes

A jar of dead venomous snakes in liquid was found in a checked piece of baggage at Newark Airport.

4. An explosives watch

Creative director Geoff McGann was arrested at Oakland International Airport when he was found wearing a watch containing components that could make an explosives device. He told security the watch was considered an art piece.

5. 240 live fish

A passenger at Los Angeles International Airport packed 240 live fish of all different shapes, sizes, and colors into four hard suitcases.

6. A cannonball

A man who found a cannonball at the site of an old shipwreck tried to bring it home with him, but TSA agents at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport stopped him, saying that it could randomly detonate.

7. Chocolate heroin

A man at John F. Kennedy International Airport had a large amount of chocolate bars in his luggage and was stopped at security. Upon further inspection, agents found $400,000 worth of heroin hidden in realistic-looking chocolate bars.

8. A seal head

When security found the severed head of a harbor seal in a biology professor’s carry-on, he claimed he was bringing it home for educational purposes.

9. Landmines

At Salt Lake City International Airport, a passenger decided to attempt to bring home four landmines in his checked baggage. They were discovered to be inert, however, the investigation delayed four flights.

10. A dagger hairbrush

A woman at a small Virginia airport was passing through security when agents noticed a strange looking brush. Upon inspection, they found it was hiding a ceramic dagger inside.

11. Foil-wrapped cell phones

While not a hazard, security found it strange when they discovered a man traveling with a VCR (which included a VHS tape) along with 23 cell phones individually wrapped in aluminum foil and taped to the VCR.

12. An old rocket launcher

At Latrobe Airport near Pittsburgh, an old AT-4 rocket launcher was found in a passenger’s checked baggage.

13. A “$10 million” gold ingot

TSA agents at Newport News Williamsburg International Airport discovered that a man was traveling with a gold ingot that had $10,000,000 stamped on it. While the gold was fake, the man carrying it was actually a fugitive and was arrested.

14. Dried caterpillars

At the Gatwick Airport in the U.K., border agents discovered 200 pounds of dried caterpillars in four pieces of luggage. The man responsible was traveling from Burkina Faso and claimed they were edible.

15. Pigeons

An Australian man traveling from Dubai was stopped when security agents found two live pigeons strapped to his calves. The man used padded envelopes and wore a pair of tights over top of them to hide them.

*Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org