5 Reasons to Take a Cruise at Least Once in Your Lifetime

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From the  dining to the entertainment to smell of sea air, there’s a reason so many travelers get hooked on cruises after just one experience. If you’ve never taken a cruise, our EWR Airport parking company highly recommends trying it just once in your lifetime. There are many reasons to enjoy a cruise – here are five of our favorite:


When you break a vacation down, you have to pay for airfare, lodging, a possible rental car, food, drinks, and activities – all of which can add up quickly and can be more than you want to spend. With a cruise, however, you can pay a one-time, up-front cost that includes all of these things (with the exception of the car and airfare). And when you compare the prices, we’re willing to bet the cruise costs less than the standard vacation.

New Acquaintances

When it comes down to it, taking a cruise means being surrounded by a select group of people for a number of days. Today, there are many cruises that focus on a specific age group, interest, or theme, making it easy to meet people you can relate to. And because there’s so much to do aboard a cruise ship, you’ll always have a chance to make new acquaintances.

Food, Drinks, and More Food

Whether you’re a foodie, you love trying new cuisines, or you simply love to eat and drink, a cruise is something you have to experience. In the main dining room alone, you’ll find a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts that are all delicious and all endless. That’s right – you can order as many of each dish as you want. And if that’s not enough, you’ll find plenty of other specialty restaurants around the ship that you can dive into (as well as always-available room service, ice cream stands, snacks, and more).

When it comes to drinks, our EWR Airport parking company suggests a pre-paid drink package that will cover as many alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, coffees, and teas as you want. This lets you try new things (like a pina colada or a hazelnut latte) without worrying about whether you’ll like it or not.

Peace of Mind

If you’re someone who likes to relax during a vacation, there’s no better way to do so than by taking a cruise. Not only are you on board a giant ship that’s floating happily through the water, but you have everything you need in one place. From your lodging to your meals to your entertainment and more, everything is easily accessible. Plus, when the ship docks, you’ll be dropped off right where you want to go and won’t have to worry about how to get there. The best part is nearly everything is included in one price, so you don’t have to set aside budgets for everything.

Multiple Destinations

If you’re someone who likes to see as many destinations as they can in one trip, consider taking a cruise that stops at multiple cities or countries. A Caribbean cruise lets you explore a variety of beautiful islands while a European cruise lets you check out some of the most popular major cities. Look into the packages each cruise line offers and choose one that lets you see as much as possible – this is a great way to check several places off your list at once.