6 Ways to Get a Travel Upgrade

Make Your Vacation Even Better

Belonging to an airline’s frequent flier program or being a valued member of a specific hotel chain can get you some perks, but you have to remember that there are many other people in the same boat and in the end, you’re not automatically entitled to an upgrade. That being said, there are still some ways to help you get an edge when it comes to the possibility of a travel upgrade:

Offer Gifts

Giving people gifts doesn’t always mean you’ll automatically be upgraded, but it can never hurt. Our EWR Airport parking company suggests giving a small box of chocolates to the airline gate attendant or one of the flight attendants. When you do it, however, be genuine and don’t expect anything in return.

Ask to Switch

When flying, ask a passenger in first class if they’d be willing to switch with you. Offer them some sort of compensation, whether it be cash, a piece of jewelry, an in-flight meal, or something else that would be valuable to them. They might just say yes. You can also simply ask your hotel’s front desk for an upgraded room if the hotel isn’t full. If you’re polite about it, they may just upgrade you.

Don’t Book Third-Party

When making a hotel or flight reservation, don’t book through a third-party website like Orbitz or Hotels.com. Booking directly through the hotel or airline gives you the best chance for an upgrade. If you find a cheaper price through a third party, call the hotel or airline directly and ask them to match it. Many times, they will.

Fly Solo

Many families and groups of friends want to fly together, and if it’s possible, the airline will make it happen. This usually means that they’ll look for single fliers to move and will often times offer them an upgrade for doing so.

Look for Discounts

While not technically an upgrade, a discount can be just as sought-after. When booking a flight or a hotel room, look for discounts for AAA members, AARP members, military members, members of a professional organization (such as the AMA), etc. Also do a search for discount codes – you may find a valid one you can use.

Make Celebrations Known

Is it your birthday? Are you headed for your honeymoon? Let people know (but not obnoxiously). Wear a birthday hat or t-shirt. Or seek out a flight attendant or front desk staff and hand out extra favors from your wedding. It’s possible they’ll upgrade your seat or give you a better hotel room to help you celebrate.

While none of these methods are guaranteed to give you an upgrade, it never hurts to try! Do you have a favorite way to score an upgrade? Our EWR Airport parking compay would love to know!