8 Must-Have Travel Gadgets

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These days, our Newark Airport parking company is discovering more and more gadgets that can make traveling even easier. From portable chargers to protective wallets, we list some of the things we think are must-have items for your next trip:

Global Hotspot

While more and more popular destinations are implementing WiFi, you can’t always expect to have access to it during your travels. That’s where a global hotspot comes in. Today, there are several models that are pocket-sized and offer 24-hour WiFi connection for several devices at just the push of a button.

Wash Bag

Sometimes you don’t have access to a washing machine. Other times, you may not want to pay your hotel for dry cleaning. No matter what the situation, a wash bag can come in pretty handy for the times you need some clean clothes during a trip. Simply load the bag with some water, laundry detergent, and your clothes and scrub them clean in just a few minutes.

Portable Charger

You never know when you’re going to use up the battery on your phone, laptop, or tablet, and if you’re nowhere near an electrical outlet, you’ll be out of luck. Our Newark Airport parking company suggests investing in a portable charger so you can rest easy knowing you’ll always have a source of power.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

From plane engine noise to crying babies to loud talkers and more, there are plenty of reasons you’ll want noise-canceling headphones on your trip. You can find headphones that are either wired or wireless and in all prices ranges (from $30 to $300). Just make sure you look for the term “noise canceling,” not “noise isolating,” as the former will do a better job of blocking out noise.

Bluetooth Trackers

These small gadgets can be attached to your luggage, keys, passport, wallet, and any other important item you travel with and give you a way to track its location. Bluetooth trackers usually have an audible tone on the tracker itself and come with an app that lets you track the item via a map so you’ll know where your valuables are at all times.

Portable Speaker

If you’re a lover of music, our Newark Airport parking company highly suggests investing in a portable speaker. Today’s speakers come in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of price ranges, so do some research before you pick your favorite. After you choose one, you’ll enjoy being able to play music on the beach, in your hotel room, in a park, by the pool, and virtually anywhere else.

Universal Plug Adapter

Some travelers may be surprised to find out that not all electrical outlets are shaped like the ones here in the U.S. The outlets abroad can look very different (and therefore won’t work with your U.S. cord), so do yourself a favor and buy a universal plug adapter if you’re planning on traveling outside of the country.

RFID Wallet

While not exactly a gadget, an RFID wallet is the best way to protect your ID and credit cards. Today’s technology allows thieves to simply scan your wallet with radio frequency identification (RFID) and gather up your information. However, a wallet with RFID protection can block the frequency and keep your cards safe.