Valentine’s Day Staycation Ideas for Every Type of Couple

Valentine's Day staycation

Whether you tend to travel and want to do something a little more relaxed or you simply want to save some money this Valentine’s Day, the members of our Newark Airport parking company have a few great staycation ideas for any type of couple:

For the Vintage Couple

If you and your loved one enjoy the classic things in life, why not plan a weekend filled with fun, vintage doings? Grab a hot chocolate and meander through old thrift shops and vintage clothing stores. After that, head to the store and pick up the ingredients to make your own classic cocktails (like a Manhattan or a Tom Collins) and spend the night watching a few old movies (Casablanca, anyone?).

For the DIY Couple

Love building or crafting things? Turn your Valentine’s Day into a day of creativity. Make a list of fun, artsy projects that the two of you can complete together – build a new coffee table, make a wreath for your front door, or find a clever use for an old window. You’ll have a great time planning and creating something together. Plus, things that are made so much better than things that are bought.

For the Outdoorsy Couple

If fresh air is your thing, why not plan a romantic camping trip for you and your significant other? Find a state or national park nearby and pack up the sleeping bags and tents (or if possible, rent a cozy cabin). You can unplug from the business of life and enjoy stargazing, a bike ride, cuddling up by the fire (with some wine, maybe?), and the overall beauty of nature together.

For the Couple That Needs to Unwind

Life can get a little hectic (especially if you’re a couple that has kids), so why not plan a nice, relaxing Valentine’s Day this year? Book a spa day for the two of you and take some time to unwind with a massage, facial, mani/pedi, body treatment, and more. Many spas offer couple’s packages, which makes it even better.

For the Boozy Couple

If you and your better half are lovers of wine, beer, or spirits, why not plan a day of tastings and tours? Find a local winery, brewery, or distillery and book a tasting, tour, or both. You’ll enjoy trying new things together and may even find your new favorite drink! After the boozy adventure, head to your favorite restaurant for some dinner and a night-cap.

For the Adventurous Couple

Are you always up for trying something new? Make this Valentine’s Day special by choosing one adventure to check off of each of your bucket lists. Whether it’s skydiving, snorkeling, riding in a hot air balloon, learning to ski, or something else, you’ll be sure to have a blast (and get something accomplished at the same time).

For the Couple That Loves to Shop

If you happen to be in a relationship where you both love to shop, why not make a day of it? Go through your closets and get rid of any clothing or accessories that you haven’t worn in the last year (even better, donate them to charity). Then, go on a shopping spree and revamp your style – find some cute new dresses, some sleek new ties, a new pair of shoes, and more. You’ll feel like a whole new you!

For the Foodie Couple

Do you and your loved one consider yourself foodies? Then plan a day of tasty discoveries. Head to the newest brunch spot and enjoy a nice breakfast (or lunch, of course), then take a scenic walk through a park or by a lake. Once you’ve worked up an appetite again, try somewhere new for dinner and wrap the day up with a little coffee and dessert from the most popular place in town.

For the Game-Loving Couple

This Valentine’s Day, why not plan a date night that’s also a game night? Find some game-loving friends and get together for card games, board games, or even something like bowling or mini-golf. You can even go one step further and start the night off with dinner, appetizers, or a few drinks to get the fun going.