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The Best Airports in the U.S., Part 1


We’re always trying to figure out what the best and worst airports are to visit. There have been a number of organizations and companies that have done the research and come up with a top list. At our EWR Airport parking company, we put several different ones together to create our own list of best airports, based on delayed/canceled flights, average airfares, ambiance and setting, and overall traveler preference:

Denver International Airport

If you’re a fan of architecture, head to Denver International. The airport’s tent-like roof (created to mimic snow-capped mountains), huge glass wall, and scenic pedestrian bridge give it a unique look and feel. Plus, it’s also one of the greenest airports in the U.S., boasting low-E insulated glass, solar arrays, and a flexible, modular HVAC system.

Portland International Airport

While the airport and security workers at most other airports in the country aren’t too thrilled with their jobs (and show it), those at Portland’s airport are constantly in a cheery mood. In addition, it’s easy to navigate, has free water bottle-filling stations, a large bookstore, and a great public transportation system for easy access to the city.

Nashville International Airport

Nashville’s airport is relatively small, making it easy to navigate through, but it also has more to offer its visitors – live music and art. Every week, the airport showcases local musicians for a little entertainment as you pass through. It also displays a wide variety of “ever-growing and ever-changing” artwork through its Arts at the Airport program.

Tampa International Airport

This Florida airport is another good example of successful architecture and design. Even though the airport is pretty large, the layout is made for minimal walking and it boasts plenty of large glass windows for natural sunlight. It also has a great selection of food and restaurants, shopping, and art exhibits. Plus, it’s close to downtown, making it easily accessible.

San Francisco International Airport

Besides being in sunny San Francisco, this airport is consistently clean, and you’ll always find a friendly staff member. In addition, it’s a great airport if you’re constantly on the go – SFO has wandering puppies trained to de-stress travelers, yoga rooms, showers, and reflection rooms to ease your mind a little.

Portland International Jetport

Situated right on the river, Maine’s primary airport offers visitors a great taste of the local craft beer market and an abundance of fresh seafood choices. It’s also easily navigable, close to downtown, and ranks well when it comes to wait times, cleanliness, and a courteous airport staff.