The Country’s Most Unusual Hotels, Part 1

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Want to do something different during your next vacation? Why not skip the regular Hilton or Holiday Inn stay and book a room somewhere truly interesting? In part one of this two-part series, our EWR Airport parking company shares some of the country’s most unusual lodgings and how to book a stay:

The Liberty Hotel

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

If history is your thing, book a stay at this Boston hotel that used to be the Charles Street Jail back in 1851. Former inmates include Malcolm X, John White Webster, James Michael Curley, and Sacco and Vanzetti. Today, visitors can stay in one of 18 rooms that used to be actual jail cells and can enjoy a drink at the Alibi bar, located in the same spot as the jail’s old “drunk tank.”

Wigwam Village

Where: Holbrook, Arizona

If you’re traveling on Route 66 in Arizona and are looking for an authentic Native American stay, make a reservation at one of the 15 wigwams in Wigwam Village. Created by Chester E. Lewis, each sleeping unit is shaped like a teepee and all are laid out in a rectangle like a traditional Indian village. You’ll find either one or two double beds, a bathroom, a sink, air conditioning, a television, and a shower.

Beckham Creek Cave

Where: Parthenon, Arkansas

For a truly natural stay, consider the Beckham Creek Cave. The lodge is located in an actual cavern in a private 260-acre resort and features contemporary furnishings and modern amenities. The area offers four bedrooms with four bathrooms, a full kitchen, multiple living areas, and even overhead rain showers for an authentic “waterfall” feel.

The Lizzy Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum

Where: Falls River, Massachusetts

If axe murders are on your list of interests, don’t miss the chance to stay at the actual site of the infamous 1892 Borden murders. It’s said that Abby and Andrew Borden were murdered by their daughter Lizzy and while the museum offers details about the tragic story, it also gives you the opportunity to stay in the John V. Morse room where Abby was slain.

Madonna Inn

Where: San Luis Obispo, California

For a total taste of quirky, reserve one of the 110 rooms at the Madonna Inn. Named for the proprietor, not the singer, each room in this hotel is dramatically decorated in a certain theme or style (for example: a Western theme, a merry-go-round theme, a European luxury style, and more). While some offer a more subtle experience, others are simply crazy and are sure to be remembered.

Out ‘n’ About Treehouses

Where: Cave Junction, Oregon

Channel your inner child with a stay in a five-star treehouse resort in Oregon. The “bed & breakfast in the trees” sits on 36 private acres of pastures and woods and features more than a dozen aerial wooden lodges up in the trees. In addition to fun names like the “Peacock Perch” and “Treezebo,” you’ll enjoy a full breakfast and in some cases, a required swinging bridge cross or a zipline trip to get to your lodging.

The Queen Mary

Where: Long Beach, California

Want to stay on an old World War II ocean liner without ever actually setting sail? The Queen Mary is a decommissioned ship that operated during the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Guests can take in the original polished wood paneling, 1930s artwork, and Art Deco-style features while enjoying the ship’s shops, historic tour spa, paranormal attractions, and more.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Where: Key Largo, Florida

If the sea calls to you, why not sleep in it? At Jules’ Undersea Lodge, you can book a room that’s literally under water. To get to your dwellings, you’ll have to scuba dive 21 feet below the waters of the Emerald Lagoon and enter through the bottom of the lodge. Once inside, you’ll find hot showers, a well-stocked kitchen, and cozy beds next to 42-inch round windows. Fun fact: several celebrities have visited the lodge over the years, including Steven Tyler, Tim Allen, Pierre Trudeau.

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