If You Want to Be on Time, Here Are the Airlines and Airports to Use



Hawaiian Airlines: This airline’s flights prove to be on time more than any other airline in the world.

Copa Airlines: This flagship airline for Panama comes in second place for punctuality with an 88.8% on-time rating.

KLM: KLM, in the Netherlands, was ranked 12th place for on-time flights in 2015 but they moved up nine places in 2016 with a rating of 87.9%.

Qantas: Even though Australian’s flagship carrier Qantas ranks fourth on the list, they’re the most punctual airline in Asia-Pacific.

Japan Airlines: 2015’s fifth place went to Japan’s other carrier, All Nippon Airlines. But in 2016, ANA dropped to 11th place and Japan Airlines moved up.


Tokyo Haneda Airport: Japan’s Tokyo Haneda Airport has been named the most punctual airport in the world; nearly 88% of all flights are on time within 15 minutes.

Sao Paulo Airport: Located in Brazil, Sao Paulo Airport ranks second in punctuality (and isn’t the only South American airport to boast on-time flights).

Detroit Metropolitan Airport: While you may think that airports in major cities would be less punctual than smaller airports, such is not the case with Detroit, who saw an 84.6% rating in 2016.

Atlanta Airport: As the second most on-time airport in North America, Atlanta scored an 84% rating in punctuality.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport: Even with a regular amount of snow each season, Minneapolis-St. Paul has managed to become the fifth most punctual airport in the world.

Surabaya Airport: This airport in Indonesia scored well in the OAG Punctuality League and is the best in the area for timeliness.

Honolulu International Airport: When it comes to the “large airport” category, Hawaii’s major airport comes in second at an 87.5% ranking.

Salt Lake City International Airport: Serving much of Utah, this airport has a punctuality rating of 87.2%.

Brasilia Airport: Coming in just under Salt Lake City International Airport, Brasilia Airport boasts an 87.07% when it comes to on-time flights.

Brisbane Airport: Located on the Queensland coast, Brisbane Airport is the most punctual airport in Australia.