The Longest Flight In the World Is Returning to Newark

Singapore Airlines

For nine years, from 2004-2013, the longest non-stop commercial flight in the world was the one between Newark Airport and Singapore Changi Airport. After it was discontinued in November of 2013, the flight between Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and Sydney, Australia became the longest in distance while the flight between Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and Johannesburg, South Africa became the longest in time.

However, at our Newark Airport parking company, we’re happy to announce that EWR will once again host the longest flight in the world.

According to, Singapore Airlines plans to revive its direct service to the United States, and Newark will be its Western destination. The flight, which will be 19 hours and 9,506 miles, will be flown by a new fleet of Airbus A-350 X-Wide carbon-body jets. Singapore Airlines also announced that it will be flying another long non-stop flight from Singapore to Los Angeles, however, neither flight will be begin before 2018.

Passengers who fly the Newark route will enjoy a comfortable ride, as the A-350 is Airbus’s answer to Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner jet. They’ll enjoy moister cabin air, lie-flat seating, and more head room. The jet’s carbon fiber body is significantly lighter than those made of metal, which means the jet will be more fuel efficient and will be profitable to the airline.

In the article, Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phon says, “Our customers have been asking us to re-start non-stop Singapore-US flights and we are pleased that Airbus was able to offer the right aircraft to do so in a commercially viable manner.”

Would you take a 19-hour flight to Singapore if you could?