This Airline Hopes to Be the Next Big Thing in Business Travel

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While large carriers appeal to many of today’s business travelers, one start-up airline is trying to stand out. Founded in 2015, OneJet is hoping to make a name for itself among frequent fliers across the U.S.

In the past few years, our Newark Airport parking company has seen major mergers unfold among some of the largest U.S. airlines – and many of them have forgone mid-sized cities for larger ones. This has given OneJet the perfect opportunity to target those mid-sized cities and appeal to business travelers for companies like FedEx.

Now, the airline wants to step up its offerings. OneJet announced recently that it will be buying Ultimate Jetcharters, a corporate shuttle operation out of North Canton, Ohio. With the acquisition, it hopes to appeal to more business travelers – especially those flying out of less populous cities.

OneJet is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and currently offers around 180 flights each week on its seven-seat jets. However, its goal is to upgrade to 30-seat jets and increase its weekly flights to around 400 by the end of the year. Many of these flights will offer nonstop service; larger carriers may offer the same flights, but many include a layover that can extend the length of the trip.

While it seems like OneJet may be ahead of the game, JetBlue and Delta may not be far behind. Each airline also invested a charter operation (JetBlue in JetSuite and Delta in Delta Private Jets). This means only time will tell which airline succeeds in appealing to and acquiring more business travelers.

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