United Airlines Donated $1 Million to NJ Nonprofits

Newark Airport parking

If you’ve ever flown out of Newark Airport, you’ve likely flown United Airlines. This is because EWR is one of the largest hubs in the U.S. for the carrier. With such a strong presence in Newark, the airline decided to donate $1 million to two New Jersey nonprofit organizations.

The move comes as part of United’s $8 million grant project that will provide $1 million to organizations in each of its major hub cities: Newark, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. The project represents the airline’s commitment to “invest in and lift up the communities where many of its customers and employees live and work.”

The two New Jersey organizations are the Community FoodBank of New Jersey and the Urban League of Essex County. Each will receive a $500,000 grant to continue their work in developing workforce programs for individuals.

About the Community FoodBank of New Jersey

The CFBNJ was founded more than 40 years ago and works to fight hunger and poverty in the city of Elizabeth and surrounding counties. By partnering with volunteers and donors, CFBNJ is able to create food and nutrition programs for children and seniors.

In addition, the organization offers a free 15-week culinary and life skills program called the Food Service Training Academy that teaches students about healthy cooking. The program provides the training necessary for individuals to obtain an entry-level job in the food service industry and is open to low-income people who are facing employment obstacles. It’s this program that the $500,000 grant will go towards.

In an article by patch.com, President and CEO Carlos Rodriguez said, “United’s generous contribution will sponsor the recruitment and education of incoming FSTA students to help break the cycle of poverty for dozens of Elizabeth residents.”

About the Urban League of Essex County

The ULEC has been hard at work in the African American and urban resident communities for 100 years. The organization’s mission is to provide assistance in the “achievement of social and economic self-sufficiency,” and it does so through a variety of opportunities:

  • Financial empowerment
  • Employment opportunity services
  • Housing counseling
  • Education
  • Real estate
  • Young adult programs
  • ThriftWORKS employment program

With the $500,000 grant from United, the ULEC will develop and improve a new “soft skills program” that supports Newark’s “Hire. Buy. Live.” initiative.

“The grant will allow the Urban League to provide integrated services to families that will ensure longer term success,” said President and CEO Vivian Cox Fraser. “When we help people develop the skills they need to compete for living-wage jobs, we are creating opportunities to increase economic vitality of our communities.”