The Airlines That Ranked Best for Customer Satisfaction

Which Airline Caters to Travelers Most?

Each year, the American Customer Satisfaction Index conducts a survey of customer satisfaction in the travel industry. Below, our Newark Airport parking company breaks down the score of each airline and whether this year’s score is better or worse than last year’s score. In addition, you’ll find a survey that ranks the components of airline travel and how passengers ranked their experiences.

By Airline

JetBlue Airways: 82/100 (up 2 points)

Southwest Airlines: 80/100 (no change)

Alaska Airlines: 78/100 (up 1 point)

American Airlines: 76/100 (up 4 points)

Delta Air Lines: 76/100 (up 5 points)

All Others: 74/100 (no change)

Allegiant Air: 71/100 (up 6 points)

United Airlines: 70/100 (up 2 points)

Frontier Airlines: 63/100 (down 3 points)

Spirit Airlines: 61/100 (down 1 point)

While most of the nation’s airlines have improved in their customer satisfaction, budget airlines Frontier and Spirit have actually gotten worse.


Ease of Check-In Process: 82/100 (up 1 point)

Ease of Making a Reservation: 82/100 (up 2 points)

Courtesy and Helpfulness of Flight Crew: 81/100 (up 2 points)

Timeliness of Arrival: 81/100 (up 2 points)

Website Satisfaction: 81/100 (up 2 points)

Baggage Handling: 80/100 (up 3 points)

Boarding Experience: 79/100 (up 1 point)

Call Center Satisfaction: 78/100 (up 3 points)

Range of Flight Schedules: 77/100 (up 2 points)

Loyalty Program: 76/100 (up 3 points)

Quality of In-Flight Services: 74/100 (up 3 points)

Seat Comfort: 71/100 (up 4 points)

Overall Satisfaction: 75/100 (up 3 points)

Each and every satisfaction category has gone up from last year, which is good news for travelers. Hopefully airlines continue to meet traveler wants and needs and continue to improve in the future.

About the American Customer Satisfaction Index

“The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) is a national economic indicator of customer evaluations of the quality of products and services available to household consumers in the United States. The ACSI uses data from interviews with roughly 180,000 customers annually as inputs to an econometric model for analyzing customer satisfaction with more than 300 companies in 43 industries and 10 economic sectors, including various services of federal and local government agencies. ACSI results are released throughout the year, with all measures reported on a scale of 0 to 100.”