10 Little Things You Can Do to Save Money on Vacation

save on travel

At our EWR Airport parking company, we love to travel, but we also love saving money (which is why we offer parking at an affordable rate). We’ve compiled a list of 10 little things that you can do on your vacation to save you money:

Stay under the luggage limit

Airline luggage policies are all different, and some can end up costing you a lot of money – especially if your luggage is over the weight limit or the size limit. Make sure you measure and weigh your luggage before you go to the airport. This includes after you’ve filled it with souvenirs for your trip home.

Use Groupon

If you’ve never used coupon websites like Groupon or Living Social, try them out – they’re a great way to save money on restaurants, activities, shows, tours, and more.

Bring your student/military ID

If you’re a student or in the military (or even if you were recently a student or in the military), bring your ID with you wherever you go. Many places will offer discounts if you show it to them.

Take the bus or subway

While public transportation can usually save you more money than renting a car, buses and subways can save you more money than taxis. Look into the local bus and subway schedules and plan some of your outings around them.

Skip the souvenirs

If you don’t need to bring back souvenirs for your family and friends, just skip them. You’ll end up saving more money (and luggage weight) than you think.

Do the math

If you’re thinking of booking a travel package for you and your family, do the math first. If you separate the activities in the package and price them out individually, you’ll find that some packages actually don’t save you any money.

Look for “kids eat free”

When you’re on vacation, food expenses can add up quickly. If you’re traveling with kids who are 12 or under, search for hotels or restaurants where kids eat free, such as Holiday Inn, Texas Roadhouse, Denny’s, and more.

Consider one-way tickets

Before you book your round-trip flight tickets, look into two one-way tickets. Sometimes you can score a better deal when you choose one-way.

Stay outside the city

Hotels in major cities are always more expensive than hotels right outside of the city. If you don’t mind being around 15 minutes from the city, book a hotel in a surrounding town and you could save a bundle.

Eat a big lunch

Like we said before, food expenses can add up quickly. If you’re planning on eating out for both lunch and dinner, eat a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner. Lunch menus are less expensive than dinner menus, so if you eat a big lunch, you won’t order as much for dinner and you’ll save some money.

Have another little thing you can do to save money? We’d love to hear it!