15 Great Travel Tips

Venice travel tips

At our EWR parking facility, we hear a wide array of travel stories – both good and bad. We’ve used them to compile a list of travel tips from our customers to help make your travel experience smoother and more enjoyable.


Planning your trip is a good idea, but don’t over-plan. If you book too many things in one day, you won’t have time to stop and enjoy the surroundings or culture.

Arrive early. No matter where you go, plan to arrive early (especially when it comes to your flight). It’s better to have time to kill than to be late.


If you’ll be in a major city for the weekend, look for hotels in business districts. Since men and women travel for business during the week, hotels usually raise the prices. You’ll find lower rates on the weekends.

If you’re trying to book a room at a sold-out hotel, find out when the cancellation penalties take effect for the day you want. Then, call right before then – you’ll most likely be able to book a room that someone just canceled.


Create packing lists for each type of vacation. When you go on one, update it when you get home with things you didn’t need and things you wish you had brought. This way, next time you pack for a trip you’ll have a better idea of what to bring.

Pack zip-lock bags. They’re great for separating accessories, toiletries, lingerie, and bathing suits. They’re also great for keeping dirty or wet clothes separate from clean ones.

Bring a simple outfit with you in your carry-on luggage. This way, if your luggage is lost, you’ll at least have a clean change of clothes.


The best time to find a deal on a flight is Tuesday afternoon. Most airlines raise their prices during the weekend and then offer a sale on Monday. By Tuesday afternoon, other airlines will have tried matching that sale.

Know the difference between “non-stop” and “direct” flights. Non-stop flights will fly from one airport to another without stopping, but direct flights will make stops along the way to let some passengers off and others on.


Scan your passport, driver’s license, and VISA and email the images to yourself. That way, if one (or all) of them gets lost, you can access a copy at any time.

If you’re in a foreign country, find a map of the area and take a picture of it with your phone. Then, reference it on your phone. Tourists with paper maps are often targets for theft.

Before you leave your hotel room, split up your money and your credit cards. Keep some in your room, some in your pocket, some in your shoe, etc. That way, you’ll always have something to fall back on if you get into a bind.


Avoid touristy bars and restaurants, since that’s where you’ll pay the most money. Instead, talk to the people at the hotel front desk or other locals for advice on the best places to eat.

If you’re grabbing a quick bite from a food truck or food stand, choose the one with the longest line – it will probably have the best food.

Don’t fill up on bread. Some restaurants offer lavish, homemade bread baskets before your meal. Take a few bites of the best looking loaf and then wait patiently for your meal.

And remember – if you’re flying out of Newark, make a reservation with our EWR parking facility. We’ll take good care of your car while you’re gone.