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15 Tips for Your Next Cruise

A Little Travel Advice

The more you cruise, the more you learn the ins and outs of it and if you’ve just booked your first trip, it’s natural to be a little intimidated (and excited!). Don’t worry – our EWR Airport parking employees are here to help with some great tips to make things easier:

Pack an Adapter

Cruise ship cabins are usually pretty small and therefore don’t have many electrical outlets. Do yourself a favor and bring an adapter that will give you more to work with.

Hit the Beach

If you’re trying to save some money on your trip, you may want to skip the excursion offers. Instead, head to a local beach for a free way to enjoy the day and still experience the destination.

Bring Your Own Wine

Did you know that most cruise lines let you bring your own wine or champagne aboard? Granted, it’s usually one bottle per room or one bottle per person, but it can help cut down the cost of your drinks.

Skip the Lines

Many cruise-goers are eager to get on and off the ship and if you’re the same way, you’ll end up standing in line. Skip the lines by spending a little extra time at the port or on the ship.

Consider an Older Ship

If you’re looking for a great cruise deal and don’t care about unique features like waterslides or wave pools, consider sailing on an older ship. Older ship itineraries cost less than newer ship itineraries.

Stay Healthy

With thousands of people on one ship, it’s very easy to spread germs. Stay healthy by washing your hands as often as possible and using hand sanitizer whenever you can.

Order Room Service

Most cruise lines offer room service free of charge, so why not take advantage of it? Order your breakfast in bed or enjoy a late-night snack in the comfort of your room.

Turn off Your Phone

You won’t get much service at sea and even if you do, you’ll probably be charged out-the-roof prices to make a phone call or even send a text. Do yourself a favor and turn your phone off once you board.

Book an Interior Room

Although you won’t get a window or a balcony in your room, you could save hundreds of dollars by booking an interior room. Plus, since you won’t be spending much time there anyway, you probably won’t miss much.

Look for Hotel Cruise Parking

If you’re driving to your cruise port and are staying in a hotel before you go, look into the parking situation. Some hotels offer free parking for cruise-goers.

Order as Much as You Want

Some cruise-goers may not realize that you can order as much as you want during dinner at no extra charge – so go ahead and try a dish you’d never think to try elsewhere.

Pack a Small Fan

There’s not much airflow in cruise ship cabins, so do yourself a favor and pack a small fan in case you get warm or need a makeshift vent for your bathroom.

Pay for Your Trip Slowly

While many people like to pay off their trips quickly so that they don’t have to worry about them anymore, paying your cruise off slowly can be beneficial: if you see a price drop after you’ve put down your deposit, you can call the cruise line and ask them to honor it.

Get a Taxi a Few Blocks Away

After you arrive at a destination and get off the ship, you’ll find plenty of transportation options, but you can save some money by walking a few blocks before you choose one.

Use Your TV to Pay Your Bill

You can access your bill from the television in your room at any time, which is always convenient. But you can usually pay for it through there as well, which could save you some time.

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