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3 Reasons to Choose Off-Airport Parking for EWR

off-airport parking for EWR

Have you ever parked at Newark Airport? If so, we’re willing to bet your experience wasn’t ideal. At Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we encourage travelers to skip the parking at Newark Airport and instead, choose off-airport parking for EWR. Here’s why:


Newark Airport is a crowded place. On any given day, you’ll find thousands of travelers trying to catch their flights, and many of them are in need of parking. This means there’s no guarantee of a parking space for your car. At EWR, availability isn’t always a certainty. And when you don’t have a place to park, it puts a wrench in your travel plans.

At Newark Airport LTP, we offer guaranteed reservations. When you make a reservation with us, we’ll set aside a parking space specifically for you. No matter how long your stay, you’ll never have to worry about unavailability. And you can guarantee you’ll enjoy fully comprehensive parking services.


When travelers park at the airport, security isn’t one of the things they usually rely upon. In fact, airport security is often minimal. This means there’s no extra protection to keep untrusted individuals out of the vicinity of your car.

When you park with Newark Airport Long Term Parking, however, you’ll enjoy off-airport parking for EWR that keeps your car safe. Our location boasts dozens of surveillance cameras, a strong fencing system, lots of bright lights, and security guards on patrol. Once you park your car or let our valet driver park it for you, you can rest easy knowing it’s safe.

Self-Parking Only

If you enjoy the luxury and convenience of valet parking, you won’t find it at Newark Airport. Whether you choose short-term, long-term, or economy parking, you’ll have to find your own parking space and park your own car. At NALTP, however, we offer valet parking that makes airport parking even better. When you arrive, one of our professional valet drivers will park your car safely and when you return, we’ll have it ready and waiting for you. In fact, we’ll have your car cooled down in the summer and warmed up (and free of snow!) in the winter. At NALTP, you can always enjoy valet parking.

Choose Newark Airport Long Term Parking

Quality off-airport parking for EWR isn’t always easy to find. In fact, many locations are either far from the airport, charge too much, don’t offer the best security, or have sub-par customer service. At Newark Airport LTP, however, you’ll enjoy the opposite. We work hard to give you the best off-airport parking for EWR in the area. Make a reservation with us and you’ll discover why so many travelers choose us.