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5 Reasons to Join a Hotel Rewards Program

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At Newark Airport Long Term Parking, we love rewards programs (which is why we offer our LTP Club!). When you join a rewards program, it shows your loyalty to a company and in return, that company awards you points each time you stay with them. Today, there are many different hotel programs you can join, from Best Western to Hyatt to Hilton and more – and there are many great reasons to join them:


When you rack up points for hotel rooms, many hotel rewards programs are flexible with when and where you can use them. While airline rewards programs may black out dates or charge extra fees when you redeem your points, most hotels let you use yours for any type of stay (weekend, holiday, etc.). I addition, you can use your points at any hotel location.

Sign-Up Benefits

If you’re looking for benefits right off the bat, find a hotel rewards program that offers them just for signing up. Some programs give you things like a free night, discounted rates, priority check-in or check-out, and more as soon as you become a member.

Ways to Earn

If you sign up for a rewards program with a popular hotel (such as Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, etc.), you’ll likely be able to earn points in many different ways. In addition to earning points each time you book a hotel room, you can also earn them through credit cards, air travel, and even retail purchases. This lets you rack up your points faster and redeem them sooner.

Special Deals

Hotels like to reward their loyal members, so when you join a program, you’ll receive special members-only deals. These could include discount rates, room upgrades, free breakfasts, early check-in/late check-out, free internet use, and more.

Worldwide Access

If you love to travel, join a hotel rewards program with locations all over the world. This gives you the best opportunity for earning and using points in a variety of countries. Plus, you’ll always know where to stay, which can eliminate the hassle of choosing your lodging in an unfamiliar place.

After you’ve chosen a hotel rewards program to join, make sure you join our LTP Club! It’s free to sign up, has no annual fee, and you’ll earn points every time you skip Newark Airport parking and park with us! Earn 10 points and get a free day of parking, or save up your points for other rewards, like a car wash or V.I.P. service!