6 More Ways to “Go Green” While Traveling

EWR Airport parking

Awhile ago, our EWR Airport parking company wrote a blog titled “6 Ways to ‘Go Green’ While Traveling,” but there are always more ways to go green, so we thought we’d continue and give you six more ways to do so:

Bring a water bottle.

Wherever you go, you’re probably going to have to pay for a bottle of water. Instead, bring your own reusable water bottle and fill it up at a water fountain whenever possible – you’ll not only save money, you’ll also save plastic. This is an especially great idea for after you go through airport security. You can fill up your water bottle for the flight and won’t have to worry about waiting for the attendants to come around to take drink orders.

Book a nonstop flight.

Not only do the majority of a plane’s carbon emissions come from takeoffs and landings, but more fuel is required for a one-stop or two-stop trip. Book a nonstop flight and you can cut back on both emissions and fuel.

Choose a green car rental.

Like we said in our first blog, taking the train or the subway is a great way to go green. If you want your own car while you’re on vacation, however, there’s still a way to be environmentally friendly – rent a hybrid car. You’ll save money on gas and you’ll also reduce the pollutants you put into the air.


This is one of the simplest things you can do to go green. Whether it’s at the airport, on your flight, or while taking in the sights, our EWR Airport parking company suggests you make sure any recyclable material you have gets into a recycling bin.

Turn down the thermostat.

If you’re staying in a hotel and aren’t going to be in the room for most of the day, don’t keep the thermostat at your usual 68 degrees. Instead, save energy and increase it by several degrees in the summer or decrease it by several degrees in the winter. When you get back to your room, you can turn it back to your comfortable temperature.

Support the locals.

Instead of hitting all of the oh-so-common tourist areas, spend some of your time in the local districts and do your shopping, eating, and souvenir-buying here. You’ll be supporting local businesses and the local culture. Plus, locals can usually give you advice on the best places to go.

What’s your favorite way to go green while you travel?