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6 Reasons to Consider TSA PreCheck

If it seems like you’re always at the airport getting ready for another business trip or traveling the world, you may want to consider enrolling in the TSA PreCheck program. The application only takes a few minutes and if you’re accepted, you’ll enjoy faster trips through security and an overall more convenient experience at the airport.

Here, our EWR parking company shares six reasons to consider applying:

Airport Acceptance

Since the program began in October 2011, more and more airports have joined in and created a section for TSA PreCheck members. In fact, more than 200 airports throughout the country (including EWR!) honor the membership, so no matter where you’re flying to or from, there’s a good chance you can use it.

Easier Security Checks

If there’s anyone who knows how much of a hassle going through security is, it’s our EWR parking company staff. We know the process of taking off your shoes, digging through your carry-on for your laptop, separating your liquids, and other necessities can be stressful. With TSA PreCheck, however, you’ll be able to go through security without having to remove your shoes, belt or jacket. Plus, you won’t have to remove your laptop or your liquids from your bag, making the entire experience faster and easier.

5-Year Validation

As of right now, a PreCheck membership is only $85 and once you pay that fee, you’ll be able to use your membership for five years before you have to reapply. That means essentially, you’re paying less than $20 a year to make airport trips more comfortable.

Credit Card Help

For the average traveler, the cost of a TSA PreCheck membership at the moment is $85. However, if you’re a credit card holder for certain credit cards, you may not have to pay anything. Several credit card companies include Global Entry (which includes TSA PreCheck) in their membership, which means you’ll get TSA PreCheck for free. These credit cards include:

  • American Express Platinum
  • American Express Gold (U.S. Bank FlexPerks)
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Citi Prestige
  • Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard
  • Ritz-Carlton Rewards

Faster Airport Experience

When you arrive at an airport that enforces TSA PreCheck, you’ll see a section designated for members only. This means you can skip the regular security line and instead, enjoy a shorter, faster, PreCheck security line. (In fact, tsa.gov says members wait an average of five minutes or less.)

Plus, if you have kids who are 12 years old or younger, they can go through PreCheck for free as long as they’re with an adult who is enrolled. Kids who are 13 and older, however, will need their own membership.

Peace of Mind

At our EWR parking company, we know nothing is worse than having to rush through the airport only to find a massive line in the security section. Give yourself peace of mind – apply for TSA PreCheck and you won’t have to worry about waiting behind dozens of people to scan your items and get to your gate. Instead, you can rest easy knowing it will only take a few minutes until you can be on your way.

Don’t forget – after you apply for your TSA PreCheck membership, make your EWR parking reservation with Newark Airport Long Term Parking. We’ll take care of your vehicle while you’re gone, giving you extra peace of mind.