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6 Things Airbnb First-Timers Should Know


Over the past few years, Airbnb has become an increasingly popular way for people to explore the world. The online lodging website has over a million listings from people all over the globe. If you’ve thought about booking an Airbnb room but have been hesitant, we understand. That’s why we’ve addressed some common concerns from first-timers:


While it’s pretty easy to see, not every host is the same, so get to know them a little bit before you decide to stay with them. Some hosts love to guide you through a new city while others will let you explore on your own. Find out what’s best for you and look for an Airbnb property with that kind of host. You’ll have a much more pleasant experience.


While Airbnb rentals are commonly thought of as cheaper than hotel rooms, that’s not always the case. Do your research before you commit – some Airbnb rooms may be pricier than a budget hotel nearby.


We can’t stress this enough – pay attention to the reviews from other guests. They’ll give you some insight into the demeanor of the host, the area, the living quarters, and more. Most people who rent Airbnbs aren’t afraid to express any concerns they may have, so don’t skimp on reading the reviews thoroughly before you make a decision.


If you stay in an apartment, you may actually be breaking the law; many apartment complexes don’t allow tenants to rent their rooms and many cities are working against Airbnb because renters don’t have to pay hotel taxes. Does that mean you’ll be in trouble if you stay with someone? It’s not likely, but we suggest you make sure you at least know what you’re getting into beforehand.


Not all cancellation policies are the same – Airbnb listers can choose from a total of six different policies, from Flexible to Strict to Long Term. Make sure you’re familiar with the details of the cancellation policy before you book your room.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Staying with a stranger can be an intimidating idea and if there’s something you’d like to know before you go, just ask. You’ll feel better about the situation and better about your decision.

*Photo courtesy of airbnb.com