6 Ways to “Go Green” While Traveling


At our Newark Airport parking facility, we know how important the environment is. We also know that it’s easy to forget when you’re on vacation or a business trip. Take a moment to practice these simple methods and you can reduce your carbon footprint from anywhere in the world:

Take the train or subway.

Public transportation like trains and subways are faster and less pollutant than taxis (and usually cheaper, too), so the next time you need to get from A to B and it’s too far to walk, hop on the public transportation wagon.

Pack light.

You may not think about it, but heavy luggage requires more energy to get where it needs to go than light luggage, so pack with a “less is more” attitude. Consider the clothes you’re packed and decide if you’re really going to wear them. Also limit yourself to two pairs of shoes (walking and dress) and pack travel-sized volumes of things like shampoo and conditioner.

Eat local.

Hopefully you already do this at home and if so, continue the habit while you’re on vacation or a business trip. Eat a restaurants that prepare healthy, simple meals and ones that get their food from local farms and dairies. Also, invest in a reusable water bottle for when you’re walking around – this way, you won’t waste money on drinks and you’ll save plastic.

Head to a national park.

Not only will you get to take in the beauty of a national park, you’ll work some exercise into your day. Plus, if there’s a fee required, the money usually goes to the park (which is a good cause, in our opinion).

Stay at a green hotel.

These days, there are many hotels and bed & breakfasts that adhere to green tendencies. Before you book your stay, do a little research to find one that has things like energy-efficient light bulbs, ceiling fans, motion sensors for public areas, and more. You’ll be supporting the green movement in two ways – by supporting others who go green and reducing your own carbon footprint.

Unplug stuff.

No matter where you stay, make it a point to unplug any of the electrical items you’re not using in order to save some electricity. This goes for coffee pots, hair dryers, phone chargers, lamps, televisions, and more.