7 Tips for Planning a Group Trip

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Whether it’s a trip with college friends, a family vacation, a church retreat, or girls’ trip, traveling with a group can be a lot of fun. However, it can also take a lot of planning regarding airfare, accommodations, activities and more. Here, our Newark Airport parking company shares some tips for planning a group getaway:

Choose a “Leader”

While it would be nice to plan a trip as a group, it realistically won’t happen – some people may be too busy to do research and others may be unresponsive when you need feedback – so it’s best to appoint a leader or two to spearhead the planning. There are likely one or two individuals in the group who enjoy planning a vacation, so ask them if they would mind putting together an itinerary for the group. You can always make sure everyone has a say in the final decisions.

Agree to a Budget

In a large group, there are probably going to be several different budgets that individuals want to stick to, so come together and agree on how much you want to spend. Break things down into groups like “dining,” “airfare,” “transportation costs,” “hotel costs,” and more and assign a number to each to make things easier.

Make Airfare Your First Purchase

If you’ve ever had to book airfare, you know that prices can change at any moment, making it one of the more stressful parts of planning a trip. As a group, do yourselves a favor and book your airfare first. You’ll not only get it out of the way, but you’ll also enjoy some peace of mind knowing you’ll all be able to travel together and you’re all getting the same price.

Don’t Be Afraid to Split Up

Each person’s idea of vacation fun is different – some may enjoy sitting by the pool while others may like going to a museum. Don’t be afraid to split up the group and do different things during your trip. This way, everyone will have a great time.

Consider Booking a House

Hotels are great, but because only a few people can stay in each room, booking several rooms breaks up the group and can make people feel isolated. If it’s within your budget, consider renting a house instead. Try Airbnb, VRBO, Vacation Home Rentals, and other resources to find the perfect spot. Once you do, you’ll be able to spend more time together and enjoy things like cooking, lounging around, and simply just being together without having to pack everyone into one hotel room.

Leave Room for Spontaneity

While it’s easy to make plans for every moment of every day, our Newark Airport parking company suggests leaving room for spontaneity. When you travel with a group of friends or family members, not everyone is going to want to do the same thing, so play some things by ear and you’ll find some of the best memories are made when they’re unplanned.

Figure out a Payment System

You’ve likely been in a situation where you footed the bill for a group and not everyone paid you back, leaving you with a bigger cost than others. Make sure this doesn’t happen during your group trip by figuring out a payment system. Today there are plenty of apps that you can use to request money and pay money, so choose one and make sure everyone has an account. Whether everything is paid for up front or as you go, you’ll each have a way to track your money during the trip.