8 Travel Tips for Small Business Owners

Some Helpful Hints from Our EWR Airport Parking Company

Whether you’re headed to the next state or the next country, there are plenty of travel tips to help you make a great impression on others in the business (and make your trip a little easier). Check out some of the top tips we collected from our EWR Airport parking customers:

Always look presentable.

Even if your meeting isn’t until dinner time, dress nicely while you’re out and about – you never know who you’re going to run into and you want to be viewed as a professional.

Get enough sleep.

You’re the man (or woman) of the hour in this situation, so make sure you get enough rest – even if it means catching a nap on the plane. It’s important to stay awake, alert, and focused while doing business.

Carry On.

Whatever clothing, shoes, and accessories you need for your trip can probably fit into an overhead compartment, so don’t waste time and money checking your bag. You also don’t want to run the risk of the airline losing it.

Use your points.

Make sure you take full advantage of any hotel or flight rewards programs (since you probably want to travel for as little money as possible). Plus, using points gives you a chance to be upgraded – and racking up points for your next trip won’t hurt.

Eat smart.

Instead of eating every meal out, save some money and pick up some groceries. Most hotel rooms have mini-fridges where you can keep things like cold cuts for sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, and salad ingredients.

Download helpful apps.

Traveling can be stressful – especially if you’re heading to a place you’ve never been before. Download some travel apps to help you during the trip, such as a wi-fi finder, note organizer, the local metro system, a car service like Uber, language translation, and more.

Carry business cards.

You’re going on a trip for business, right? Make sure that you carry plenty of business cards with you and that they’re always accessible. You never know when you may meet a potential client.

Keep electronics charged.

Whether you use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, make sure they’re fully charged whenever possible. You don’t want to board you plane and find out your tablet is dead, or show up to a client meeting with a dying laptop.

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