8 Ways to Travel Safer

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Overall, the world is a pretty safe place for individuals to travel. However, there are always risks. Whether you take a three-week trip to Europe or opt for a simple weekend getaway in Florida, it’s important to keep yourself, your travel companions, and your belongings safe. Here are some tips from our EWR Airport parking company:

Don’t Look Like a Tourist

If you’re taking a trip abroad, try not to look too much like a tourist. Locals in foreign countries prey on tourists and you could be the victim of a scam or a mugging. At our EWR Airport parking company, we suggest taking public transportation, referring to your map in an uncrowded area, dressing appropriately, and learning some language basics.

Give a Friend Your Itinerary

Before you leave for your vacation, leave your trip itinerary with a trusted friend or neighbor. Include details like the name of the town/city, where you’ll be staying, what you’ll be doing, and the contact information of the people you’re traveling with. This way, if something happens, you’ll have a friend who knows where you’re supposed to be.

Use the Deadbolt

Many hotel rooms have both a deadbolt and a latch-style lock or chain lock. You may think that the latch-style or chain lock is enough to keep people out, but they’re actually fairly easy to bypass. Keep you and your family or friends safe and use both the latch/chain lock and the deadbolt.

Skip the Checked Bags

This isn’t a tip about being safe, it’s a tip about playing it safe. When you check your bag, you not only have to pay an extra $30, you also have to worry about whether or not it’s going to make it to your destination. Luggage gets lost more often than we realize, so do yourself a favor and skip the checked bag. Pack a carry-on and a personal item (which can be a backpack or a large purse) instead, so you always have your belongings.

Know the Scams

Each country has its own unique travel scams, from simple lies to more intricate schemes. Before you travel, our EWR Airport parking company suggests doing some research to find out what the most popular scams in the area are. By becoming familiar with them, you can avoid them during your trip.

Split Your Money

Whenever you go out to sightsee, grab some dinner, take a walk, or tour a museum, don’t take all of your money with you. Instead, take half and leave the other half in your hotel room. This way, if you lose your wallet or purse or it gets stolen, you’ll still have some money to get you through the rest of your trip.

Make Copies of Your Documents

At our EWR parking company, we suggest making copies of any document that’s important to you. This includes your driver’s license, passport, hotel reservation, credit cards, flight information, and more. After you’ve made copies of everything, email them to yourself. This way, you can access your information at any time – even if you’ve lost the tangible document.

Be Alert

A vacation is all about relaxing, but if you’re in an unfamiliar place, that relaxation can turn to stress in the blink of an eye. Whenever you’re outside of your hotel room, make sure you stay alert and aware of your surroundings. In addition, always keep your personal belongings close and use good judgement when talking to strangers.

Wherever you go next, skip the EWR Airport parking and make a reservation with NALTP instead. When it comes to safety, we’ll make sure your car gets the best treatment so you can enjoy your trip from start to finish.