Airbnbs vs. Hotels


The popularity of Airbnbs has skyrocketed, making them a choice to consider when you travel. If you’ve never stayed in one and are wondering whether it’s right for you, here are some comparisons between an Airbnb listing and a hotel:


Over the last several years, more and more Airbnb locations have popped up all over the world, making Airbnb nearly as accessible as hotels. However, there can be a difference in location between a hotel and an Airbnb. While they can both be found in major cities, Airbnbs can sometimes be found in remote parts of the country where chain hotels haven’t spread to. While this may not be a factor when traveling to a popular place, you may want to consider it if you travel to somewhere obscure or isolated.


The good thing about both hotels and Airbnbs is that they are available in a wide variety of comforts. While there are lavish five-star resorts and hotels, there are also two-star motels and inns; the same goes for Airbnb – there are listings in large, luxurious homes and listings in small, primitive homes or apartments. It’s usually easy to determine the quality of both types of lodgings based on reviews, pictures, and more, so which you choose is up to you.

Social Opportunities

If you love meeting new people when you travel, you may want to opt for an Airbnb listing. Because Airbnbs are lodging within a person or family’s home, you’ll likely have the opportunity to meet them and socialize with them. This can be helpful if you want to learn more about the culture around you and where the best local spots are. If you’re more of an introvert on vacation, however, a hotel will give you the privacy you want.


Speaking of privacy, hotels will give you the most, as you’ll have a room all to yourself and you’ll be the only one with a key (besides housekeeping, of course). This means no one will bother you and you can enjoy your alone time. There are some Airbnb listings that feature an entire floor or a guest house to yourself, however, they’re not as popular as a shared living space.


Costs can vary greatly within the hotel world, as there are cheap, budget-friendly hotel chains as well as luxury resort chains. While there’s a variety of quality within Airbnb as well, they’re usually a more affordable choice, since there’s no overhead for staff, cleaning, food, etc. However, once you decide on either a hotel or Airbnb, you should have no problem finding something within your price range.